While you were sleeping…


This blog hit a milestone of 100,000 HITS! SWEET!
I feel so honoured to be able to share my writing with everyone, it really keeps me sane. So I thank you! THANK YOU! RINGRAZIO!

Onto other stuff, jet lag really kicked me in the butt this trip but perhaps I was also detoxing my liver this week too šŸ˜‰ The new Alchemy bar on the ship makes the best cocktails eva! The cucumber one made me feel like I was drinking something healthy while slowly adding vodka into my bloodstream…hence I danced, I sang, and ate pizza at 2:00 a.m., it was just like being a crew member again šŸ™‚

I have not been blogging as much because what spare time I have, I have been dedicating to studying for my driver’s exam. I know I have been studying on and off for years and it is embarrassing that I have still not written the exam. My only defenses are laziness and pure frustration. I had an Italian speaking friend help me study yesterday and even she had difficulty with the questions!

The translation in the book is even worse and they use words like dazzling for high beam headlights. “Be sure to turn off your dazzling lights so as not to dazzle oncoming cars”. And then somewhere amongst the chapter about lights they inform you that you can only transport one pet in the car at a time. Ummm, okay.

In addition to the ridiculous exam, it is very costly to do this. ā‚¬280 for theory classes, ā‚¬40 for an eye exam, ā‚¬175 for driving instruction, ā‚¬70 to write the exam, ā‚¬130 to do the driving exam. I will skip the theory because I tried that before and the class was a waste of my time. The classes were full of giggling teens and I was just left in the dust. I would also skip the driving instruction because I already know how to drive but I have been told that it is a good idea to do this for ‘political and practical’ reasons. Considering that Italians are amongst the worst drivers in the world, I am curious about how that came to be considering the exam is so difficult. Perhaps they are rebelling? Hahaha

Oh, I also spent half a day with Mama this past week. I was so stressed that by 2:00 p.m. I had to go lie down. šŸ™‚

In Bocca a Lupo!
This means GOOD LUCK! Which of course I will need to get through this darn exam…


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6 Responses to While you were sleeping…

  1. livinitalian says:

    So funny Leah, but I do not know how funny it is that I know exactly what you mean. I came with an American driving license and drove for a year with an International driving license, I really didn’t want to do the test here, but after trying and trying, infinite visits to the consulate general for details I was told there was no way out. If you live here you have to get an Italian license, there was and isn’t a treaty that will automatically recognize our licenses here.
    Anyway…I need a smile, thanks. Italy is really funny at times. Dazzling lights….hahahahaha!

  2. katecrimmins says:

    Are they worse drivers than New Yorkers? They drive little cars so maybe it’s safer. Good luck with your exam whenever you take it!

  3. livinitalian says:

    P.S. I added your blog link to my blogroll, meaning I included your site on blog! What can I say I like your blog :O)

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