Taxi shrines and a tribute to Pinocchio


Mama’s instructions are pretty straight forward. No candles and no fires whatsoever while Coco is there. Lets hope all goes well.

I’m on the road again. It’s some unGodly hour of the morning and without my furry friend to wake me up on time I didn’t sleep well for fear of not hearing my alarm. Like clockwork, the balmy Genova weather took a turn last night and a strong wind and rain shook my windows all night. Upon arrival at the airport there was already a long line at the counter for the first flight cancellation of the day.

When my taxi arrived at the house it was pouring rain. A very small, old man reluctantly got out of his car to assist me with my luggage. He said “two bags, two people?” I responded, “yes, two bags and one person.” He looked at me funny and said “only you? But there are two bags”. Hahahaha. Obviously he has not travelled much with a woman.

Inside the cab there were the usual dangly things hanging from the rearview mirror. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the little wooden Pinocchio because on second glance my driver looked a lot like Geppetto. (Oh, and FYI, Pinocchio has somehow taken on a different meaning to Italians to indicate that a person is gay. Where they came up with that idea I can just imagine).

As Pinocchio’s writer was from Florence, Tuscany, I asked my driver if he was Tuscan. He said quite proudly, that he was Genovese. He also had a photo of a woman taped to the mirror with little ladybug clips surrounding it. Again, ladybugs are a symbol of Tuscany, not Genoa. Odd indeed and he was obviously not fessing up what all the Tuscan references were about either.

I told him that the story of Pinocchio was very famous and that in Canada I grew up knowing the story very well. He seemed surprised that his little wooden friend was so popular abroad. I’m always curious about taxi drivers. For the most part, in Canada, the driver’s set up their dashboards like a shrine. In Genoa however, it is rare to see such a personal public display, which made my morning all the more amusing as I tried to figure out my new little friend Geppetto šŸ™‚


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