Ho! Ho! Ho!


For some silly reason I am really into the Christmas spirit this year. I have no idea why except for maybe Elora’s generous offer of her tree has had a profound affect on me. I was planning to go see her in the UK but sadly I just can’t afford the ticket right now. I just started back to work a month ago and things have been slow. But it does look like 2014 will be busier and so maybe I will swing over there in January before her baby comes!

Anyway, last night the gang from the school went for a celebratory pizza. We have quite a few new teachers this year and in the past I was always hanging with the younger set but now with Elora gone I found myself lumped in more with the older teachers and as we packed up and left the center at 10:00 p.m. The others were plotting their next bar to hit.


One of my colleagues took some funny photos of me with my ipad and it looks like I’m drunk…but I’m not. I ordered a Prosecco and they told me I would have to buy the bottle! So, I opted for some wine instead but I swear it was a shared bottle amongst three of us 😉


Mama called me the other day and told me to go buy my own Christmas present and then she would give me the money. Sheesh…I know she is being generous but it kinda takes the fun out of it all. What ever happened to opening gifts and getting a surprise? I’ve always been curious about what people give me as gifts because it is a reflection of how they see me.

Last year I went to my sister’s for Christmas and I was overwhelmed with all the gifts I got from my family. Even though I had been gone for years they all knew exactly what I like! One of these days, when I’m rich and famous, I’m going to fill my suitcase with cashmere and designer shoes to bring back for everyone 😉 (except my brother…he would probably rather have a new bow and arrow).

I’m heading for the ship again for the holidays…if I ever get my complimentary ticket from my husband’s company that is. We put in our request very late and I think they have forgotten about me. I was just there in August so I am not really keen on going back so soon but the idea of hanging out with Mama and her creepy befana witches, well, need I say more?

Tomorrow some friends are coming over to make gingerbread houses. It is a new tradition that was started by Elora and now I guess I have picked up the torch to carry on. I will try and post some pics in my next post but be forewarned…these are my Prosecco buddies so I’m not sure how well the construction site and booze will mix. There may be a few crooked gingerbread houses in my near future, hahaha. CHEERS!

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6 Responses to Ho! Ho! Ho!

  1. Shelley says:

    Wish you could be here for Christmas again,mew would spoil you!!! Good news though, we have a snow blower and are
    Getting socked with a form now!! We would let you try it out!!!!

  2. Natalia says:

    Every year (that I am home) my Mom does the same thing “go buy yourself something and bring me the receipt and i’ll give you the money”. Then come christmas eve, it’s my side job to wrap everything (including my own present) lol. Gotta love family! Enjoy your time on TI!


  3. eloradaphne says:

    Glad you are keeping the tradition alive – makes me feel special 🙂

  4. barbedwords says:

    Drunken gingerbread houses sound awesome!

  5. CJ says:

    It’s great when you can truly get into the spirit of the season!

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