Best Christmas Nativity scenes in Rome and beyound

As it is now officially the first of December I came across this lovely post about the Nativity scenes created in Italy. I have seen some really nice ones in family homes and have always wanted to create one myself. Second only to Naples, Genoa used to have the most popular production of ‘crib figures’. Enjoy!

Delightfully Italy

Visit Italy_Presepe

Discover the magical tradition of Italian Nativity scenes (“Presepe”) in Rome and in Naples, and attend the unique live Nativity scene in Greccio

Even though Christmas trees are widespread,  the traditional Italian Christmas decoration is by far the Nativity scenes: il “Presepe”. From December 8, the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, through January 6, the  Epiphany, you will find the Presepe literally in any family, church and shop. We could say that Presepe is the quintessence  of Italian Christmas.

The Presepe is a fascinating ancient tradition. It originated in Italy in 1291 when St. Francis of Assisi asked Giovanni Vellita from the village of Greccio to create a manger scene. St Francis held a Christmas Eve mass there, starting  a century old tradition. Over the years, displays became more and more elaborate, well  beyond the manger scene and  the traditional saints and biblical characters. The most elaborated  Presepi include…

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