Study break!

photo (3)Believe it or not I have actually been studying for my driver’s permit. Isn’t it amazing what a pair of designer shoes will do to motivate a woman? Today I had the entire day to myself and I have been having a great time catching up on other peoples posts etc. But this post will indeed be short because I have seriously got to get back to studying while the caffeine in my veins is still circulating šŸ™‚

So what I learned today, is that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Huh! Who knew. I feel like a new woman just knowing this, haha. And while I now completely understand why I should have opened my new blog in .org instead, well lets just say that some lightbulbs are going on in my head and it is all a part of a great learning experience. You see, .org lets you use some really cool plug-ins for SEO and Zazzle. Michael Hyatt was promoting this on his blog and I just plain ignored him because I thought .com had more appeal from an end-user perspective. Guess I should have listened to him more carefully.

On another note, I also opened a new Facebook Group page called “Help! I need my folio rossa”. This is a new support group that I created for people who are trying to study for the Italian “pink card” or driver’s license. And, of course, ooops again, I spelled folio wrong! In Italian it is “foglio”. See why I so desperately need a support group?

Okay, one more thing and then I’m outta here. As I have been expanding my network and getting geared up for our new B&B there is no end to the possibilities of Social media and what you can learn from it. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rick Zullo online. He has just released a handy restaurant guide and he is giving the e-book away for free! This was written by English speaking food bloggers who live in Italy. So, if you are planning a trip soon to Italia, I suggest you get this e-book because it will truly hook you up to eat like a local while in Rome, Florence, Venice or along the Amalfi coast.

Okay peeps! I have dinner to make, studying to do and a fuzzy white cat to cuddle. Oh, and also a Saturday date with Mama…should be another adventure to post about soon.

Peace out, Leah

FYI my study group is open so come join us on FB if you want šŸ™‚

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to Study break!

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! And speaking of food, Happy Thanksgiving (if only in spirit)! Ciao

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