Tartufo! I LOVE truffles…



This past weekend we finally managed to escape Genova and get some much needed time alone in Acqui Terme. I booked a cozy little B&B in the historic centre and our plan was to walk over to Lago de Sorgenti and enjoy the thermal baths.

If you know anything about me at all…I am an annoying planner. Just to give you a sample of my type A, a-retentive self, I actually handed out a spreadsheet and timetable to our wedding party the night before! (That was at my first wedding and yes, I have learned many lessons since then). I know! Don’t you just hate me now?

Anyway, I have for the most part drank enough Prosecco here in Italy to learn how to go with the flow…somewhat. I still get my knickers in a twist from time to time, like today, there was a surprise bus strike, but luck was on my side because it wasn’t raining and I managed to actually hail a taxi down on the street!

But back to my obsessive planning for a moment. It nagged my brain all week that I should maybe book the spa too but I didn’t. I double checked the accommodations but didn’t think it was a problem getting into the spa as I thought it was low season. Lo and behold, we arrived and they were fully booked for the weekend. Why didn’t I listen to that nagging voice in my head all week? Well, because I am trying to let go of being such a control freak, that’s why and look where it landed me…

In Alba at the Truffle Festival! That’s where 🙂

Sometimes it really pays off to just go with the flow.




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