Seasons of time

Aside from a lot of rain, we have been pretty lucky with mild temperatures in November. I mostly wear long sleeve t-shirts during the day and can still drive with the windows rolled down. Okay, part of the reason is still those crazy menopausal hot flashes but still, I am quite comfortable with this season. In fact, Autumn is my favourite which is a bit perplexing for me because I also experience a strange depression every year at this time too. My friend tells me it is the lack of sunshine. I have no idea what it is because aside from the rain and grey skies I actually love the crisp air and smell of burning leaves.

Anyway, I am also on my own again. After Amsterdam got cancelled our lives kind of went into a tailspin. We have such a short time together as it is and being robbed of any of it, well really gets my back up like a cat protecting her domain. But, as we expected, another course was scheduled and now my husband is in Naples. My window of opportunity to follow him was crushed when I officially went back to work last week.

Once my husband returns we are hoping to escape for a few days to spend some alone time. Being up in Portofino is great but it is a family home with a revolving door. Hence, alone time is rare and precious to us. And mostly necessary for my sanity! Fortunately for my husband, I also worked on ships and so I know how important it is to have some real downtime to decompress from the day to day demands of ship life.

Our newest project of sorts is to finally start renting out one of the apartments to vacationers. This is a new adventure and we decided to do a trial of sorts and offer a B&B style vacation before making the bigger commitment of becoming a full agriturismo. In this economy we are a bit shy to invest thousands of Euros to renovate the other buildings before testing the waters a bit on who might be willing to trek up our hill to experience a piece of paradise!

Here is a preview of what’s on offer…if you are interested in more information send me an email at







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5 Responses to Seasons of time

  1. You should have no problem getting takers for the lovely space as well as the Italian coast. Get it advertised.

    • Lets hope so! The only downfall is no cars are allowed directly to the house except locals. We are 2 KM uphill and would have to transport guests with their luggage but after that they are on their own and there are no buses or taxis either.
      It is a particular place worth the hike but we must be very clear about the location. Have you any suggestions on where we could advertise?

  2. Looks quaint! Gosh, I need a holiday!

  3. Karen Stephenson says:

    You have done an awesome job! It looks awesome

  4. Thanks Karen! The website is up and running. We are still not 100% official as we are waiting to get the proper Italian license but I will happily take bookings in advance without any deposits until we get set-up. The new site is 🙂

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