Duped again!

I’ve just been double duped by three Italians. When will I ever learn?
I will attempt to reconstruct the scenario of the past 24 hours but if you loose the thread, well as a writer, I will have at least accomplished conveying how confusing and contradictory my life is within the Italian circles I call ‘family’.

I start work Monday. It’s official. I must get off my lazy butt and go back to the city and earn my keep. Ok, I can accept that but I also expect that I will get a little support along the way too. I cannot get to the train station without a car and there is no free parking near the station. I asked for a ride to the station or otherwise I would have to move back to the city. I got some protesting.

Mamma came up with a solution that I would drive down with her and my sister-in-law, since they had to drive back anyway. I agreed to this which meant a night in the city and I could take the train back Tuesday night. The problem was that my sil didn’t want to leave early and I had to be back by noon. Mama conjured up some mystery appointment for her to say there was no other way.

I had no intention of driving all the way back to the city. My plan was to take the train. But now, suddenly I find myself driving Mama back to the city in my car and my sil got to stay a few hours longer and my husband didn’t have to drive anyone anywhere. Sheesh! I give up!

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2 Responses to Duped again!

  1. SusanInItaly says:

    Oh dear, your life is complicated, isn’t it?
    Why do Italians have this driving need to put one over on someone? Is it their DNA? I doubt your SIL was fooled for more than a minute anyway, which is why you will be driving your MIL back to base.

    • It must be a dna thing because for all my years of experience with this family I still cannot get it right so that for once it goes my way.
      And my husband is completely oblivious to all of the shenanigans too.
      Mama faked the appointment only so that I would get a ride back to the city without troubling my husband because he has too much on his plate at the moment! She was also trying to save me the hassle and gas money to get to work. (It was a one hour lesson)
      Now he is up there without a car all because my sil was too stubborn to leave two hours earlier to accommodate HER mother.

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