The river runs deep

This week has been a tough one. Time rushes by too fast and aside from my continuous joking about menopause it has kicked me in the butt pretty hard and I admit I am at a loss at how to deal with it some days. Squeeze in there the pressure cooker of having a part-time husband who wants to cut ten terraces of grass during a rainy season and only 8 weeks holidays minus the week they will take away from us when he finally goes to do his course and well you don’t have to be a mathematician to know that this doesn’t always add up to a blissful marriage.

We would/could hire someone to do many of the jobs around this house if we had the money but we don’t. If I worked more then I would be able to contribute more but then I would have even less time with my husband. It seems sometimes like a no-win situation and this week I finally ran out of patience. 😦

How do you compete with a lawn mower and a house that needs so much work? Surely we couldn’t sell it in this economy and besides, it has been in the family for almost 100 years! So, in a nutshell, I temporarily lost my mind and demanded a holiday and/or a friggin’ walk in the park and gelato break or I was not going to come back to the house in the countryside without a big fight.

Sounds like I am a real strong arm but the truth is I lasted 24 hours in the city alone and cried the entire time. I managed to go to soccer practice and the ball hit me square in the face…really hard and you know what? It was just what I needed. I needed some physical pain to knock out the emotional pain of feeling cast aside for a blade of grass, pile of wood, etc.

Being married to a sailor is tough enough, a stubborn, grass obsessed Italian sailor, well, lets just say it ain’t easy. Now he has to go to Naples for a course in a week and I start back to work. He will be home again for a few days then back to the ship. Where does the time go? With any luck (Mama actually backed me up on this one), we will be able to squeeze in a weekend in Acqui Terme and wash away all our troubles in the hydra massage pools.

But not one to pass up a good menopause joke here is one I will share with you that I received from my sister. Once my husband and I got past the fighting we had a good laugh at this.


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