Old biddies tick me off

Ever feel like you are in a bubble? We had all our plans for Amsterdam suddenly cancelled and now we are both wandering around like a couple of lost zombies. I blame the rain mostly, but it is really difficult to get recharged in a new direction for some reason. Even Coco has been lolling around on the bed for three days. I think she’s depressed because I can no longer put her leash on and take her for a walk. I’m very disappointed that we had to cancel Amsterdam but the added expense to go anyway was just too much for our budget to handle. (I have not worked since June).

Now, back in the city is also like a dose of harsh reality. Noisy traffic and crowded streets. The other day I had to pay a bill and wasted (I forgot to bring a book) an hour waiting in line with all the other old folks who don’t trust the ‘automated payment system” for good reason too. But I also never noticed that not only do I have to pay a fee to pay my bill at MY BANK, but I also get charged 2 Euros by the Internet company because I refuse to let them steal debit money from my account whenever it pleases them.

When I finally reached the clerk, I couldn’t believe what was displayed at the Post Office counter. An Italian version of the porn book series “Shades of Grey”. Eeeep! Are they really trying to push this trash on all those old biddies at the Post Office? Lord help us!

And speaking of old biddies…what is it with these broads at the supermarket anyway? They ALWAYS want to go ahead of everyone. I swear they do it on purpose. They go in to buy two items and then see who they can bully to jump the cue. And, it is usually me 😦  But it really ticks me off because they are probably on pension and have no where to go exactly at any particular time and the rest of us are scrambling to get to the bank before it closes or back to work.

Maybe when you get older you just don’t give a feck and this is a fun activity to see who would dare challenge an old lady at the supermarket with only two items. But I sooooo want to be that asshole who does, haha. Yes, one day I will be just like them, I’m too evil to die young!

Photo credit forumbodybuilding.com weird but that is how \i found it on Google search

Photo credit forumbodybuilding.com
weird but that is how \i found it on Google search

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1 Response to Old biddies tick me off

  1. Leigh C. says:

    Ahhh, ‘Biddies”. As a small tot I spent a lot of time on the back seat of mom’s 1958 Fairlane 500. An elegant beast of a car, long and heavy and glistening with chrome. I remember mom maneuvering Lizzie up to the gas pump when she must have been cut off by a ‘Biddy’. I agreed (as any five-year-old would) that the woman was indeed a Biddy. Mom’s head spun Exocist-like to me, and gave me an earful how that was a bad word and never say it again or I would get my mouth washed out with soap. It took me years to learn to curse. Damn you, Biddies!

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