Italian Green or Gold?

There has been a lot said about the purity of olive oil including the discussion of colour and shelf life. I would like to share with you my own oil know-how on the topic and this should be the final post on this mini-oil series 🙂

We tell people not to ‘save’ the oil for too long. Saving it for that special occasion is not always the best thing to do as it does go ‘off’. We try and consume ours within one calendar year for maximum flavour. It won’t hurt you to consume after one year, but past two and I would probably dump it, especially if it is already opened. I am not 100% sure about this only because we usually consume or give away all our oil within the year!

What colour should it be? Well, this is an interesting question and I am going to share a photo for you of our oil.

gold and green The golden coloured one is our oil that was picked last year. It is still very smooth and flavourful but it has also ‘settled’. The green coloured one is the one we pressed two days ago. It has not settled yet and will do so within a week or so.

I love it when it is this green because you can really taste the olives! But if you buy an oil that is this colour, they have probably added colouring to it as like I said, it settles within a week or so and chances are, unless you are buying oil during harvesting season (October/November depending on the region), and straight from the mill, it is unlikely to stay this green.

I hope you have enjoyed my willy nilly olive facts and fun.

A presto!

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4 Responses to Italian Green or Gold?

  1. Just the title of your blog immediately drew me in! Love it!

  2. For me, having Green Olive Oil is like finding pure gold 🙂 Ironic?

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