Olives! Olives! Oil!



It’s olive season again and the big picking date is looming ahead. Every year we say we will cut the grass and the dead branches and rake up to make the olive collection easier. And, every year, we cut the grass and run out of time to do the rest. I spend hours sewing nets instead.

So this week my husband is cutting the grass and I’m raking and trimming branches. It’s really amazing how much advanced prep time is really needed to make things run more smoothly. It also depends on your method of collecting the olives too. Some hang the nets from tree to tree and then collect what falls into the nets. Unfortunately, we have limited time to do this so instead we place the nets on the ground and beat the trees with bamboo poles and then collect what has fallen.

We do about half the trees and work four days in a row. It’s back breaking work but can be fun too. You cannot let the collected olives sit for too long so time is critical. It takes a few hours just to bag and transport the olives and then another few to get them washed and pressed. If they sit too long they will start to ferment and the flavour is compromised.

October 18-21 is our target date for picking. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates because we are getting a lot of grey days with light rain.

Wish us luck…walking up and down that path ten times a day better at least be giving me buns of steel!

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9 Responses to Olives! Olives! Oil!

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    I helped one of Mrs Sensible’s cousins collect his olives. I had never worked so hard in my life…

  2. Jar Of Salt says:

    I’d love to experience picking fresh olives 🙂 Been wanting to see olive trees and finally saw it for the first time last month.

  3. barbedwords says:

    Wow, that looks like HARD WORK! How on earth do you cut the grass next to that steep path?? Hope you get a lovely crop of olives out of it!

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