Foodies delight







I’ve been back in Italy just short of two weeks and I have been having a heyday.
My first Saturday, I went with friends to the wine and cheese festival in Bra. The festival is put on every two years and was impressively organized and packed with people. It was such an enormous festival that we hardly made it past the first tent with all the International cheese. We sampled until we were giddy and we hadn’t even made it to the Prosecco tent yet!

We managed to buy loads of cheese to take home and then indulged in some granita that was heavenly flavoured with almond, lemon and some sort of berry. From there we made our way over to some food stalls and finally we found a small table on the street that was willing to sell us some refreshments.

On the side, we chatted to some French guys about adopting goats and truffle dogs. I was keen about sponsoring the dog because once a year you get to go out truffle hunting with the little fella, which sounded like fun to me.

To continue with our theme of food…tonight we went to visit Alfonso, the beekeeper in Chiavari. He has some very yummy acacia honey and he also had a gift for us. A bowl of giant, wild mushrooms! Now I am not a big fan of these, but none the less, they look pretty impressive, don’t they? Now, I just have to learn how to prepare them.

And just in case you didn’t think that Italy was all about food…well, the other day I was driving back home up our narrow road and some hikers (I think they were French tourists), decided to take the church benches and set up a picnic lunch, floral tablecloth and all, in the shady corner of the curve in the street! I barely had enough space to maneuver my car around the bend. Wish I had my camera handy because it was really quite a site.

Oh yeah, one more thing…my beans survived too. Now I need to know what to do with all this food. Anyone wanna come over for dinner?
And on that note, Buon Appetito 😉

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3 Responses to Foodies delight

  1. barbedwords says:

    This all looks so yummy that I think it’s sabotaging my diet just looking at it! The almond, lemon and berry granita sounds amazing.

  2. Deanna Kitchens says:

    I am so jealous. Not sure how you post the pictures but (on my compuer anyway) they are so small. Mushrooms are good, throw Marsala on them and they are really good 🙂

    • Deanna,
      Masala…interesting. Do you just sauté them?
      I have to admit, I am not a big fan of mushrooms but I did eat a few and they were tasty.
      My pics are usually loaded at a small setting because I use my iPad a lot for posting and it is slow to load otherwise 😦 i think if you click on the pic it will show you a bigger version, but thanx for the feedback, maybe I will try to be more patient and load bigger images in the future. X take care, Leah

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