Where’s the pesto?

Oh I’m so sorry, I’ve been so busy eating bacon double cheesburgers that I haven’t had time to blog. I’m finally on my vacation…and am sailing around the bumpy seas to Mexico. A couple of observations since I landed here 6 days ago:

1. Americans love air-conditioning and I’m freezing!

2. I am definetly in pre-menopause because the hot flashes are making me crazy and I’ve lost my sea legs…can someone please make the ship stop rocking?

3. Coco loves Mama after all…or so it seems, which is a good thing because I miss the little fuzz buster but she is in good hands (I hope!)

4. Americans are SO FAT! Sorry, but this is scary and I have had so many people comment on how THIN I am since I got here, ummm, ok, I am thin, but hardly anorexic, have you seen me eat? I can eat a whole pizza to myself now, and I’m quite good at it. I’ve also gone up a pant size since moving to Italy too. But this prompts me to think it isn’t only how much you eat but more what you eat. Wouldn’t you agree?

5. That American chef named “Guy” really knows how to make a yummy hamburger! Topped with chipolte mayo and hot banana peppers and I’m in heaven.

6. The average American seems to know nothing about fashion. I never really noticed it that much before but it seems like there is a struggle for simplicity and elegance, which the Italians have somehow mastered. Americans seem to think that the more bling they add to something, the better they will look. While I would hardly say people in Genoa are that fashionable, they do seem to pull off a perfect casual style that looks effortless. It could be simply that a smart cashmere sweater will win hands down over a cheap rayon one from some discount clothing chain. Lord, I certainly hope that in this way Italy never changes!

7. Americans are so friendly πŸ™‚ It’s so nice to walk around and have complete strangers talk to me! I LOVE that openess.

8. Italy’s landscape can’t be beat. Okay, maybe it could, but surely not here in Texas. Everytime I look out I think gosh, where did all the trees go? Why is there an ugly shopping plaza next to that pretty house or church?

9. Galveston, Texas has the highest curbs you have ever seen. They get a lot of flooding and so they raised the sidewalks super high. I can’t wait to explore, it has been several years since my last visit to this quaint ghost town and it has a very unique charm that is close to my heart because my very first ship was out of this port and also where I first met my husband.

10. My husband can still rock a white uniform! I dragged him out to the lobby bar lastnight for a pre-dinner cocktail. Within minutes he had a flock of fans batting their eyes in our direction. We were approached and I encouraged him to go talk to them. Okay, yes, they were gay men mostly, but they were so cute! I offered to snap a group photo and before you knew it I was in there as thick as thieves with them. I wanted to follow them around the rest of the cruise because they looked like such a fun group! For the record, I would have also encouraged him if it were a group of women too. People are on holiday and I am hardly threatened by a group of people who want to admire my tall, handsome Italian husband in his uniform. How do you think he got my attention?

Okay, so there’s my list. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Y’all take care now and eat more pesto…it’s good for you!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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6 Responses to Where’s the pesto?

  1. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    You are one crazy Canadian. I know how much you enjoy being around people and yes your husband looks pretty sharp in his uniform and you are not too bad either. I know you are not jealous of him and he is not of you since he never minded us hanging out together either. Don’t have too much fun and don’t eat too many of those bacon cheeseburgers, or at least eat one or two for Major and me.

  2. eloradaphne says:

    I want chef Guy’s hamburgers! Complete with banana peppers and chipotle mayo. Bring me peppers!!!!

  3. Pecora Nera says:

    If Americans are fat, then I am moving to the USA as soon as possible. I won’t have to diet, to look thinner

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