Mama’s coming to Portofino!


In a few days I will be flying to Texas to join my husband’s ship and once again Coco will be left to her own devices. Usually, Coco stays with Zio, but recently I have been concerned about his welfare as he seems to have slowed down quite a bit and I worry that dementia is setting in. He is a typical man who refuses to see a doctor and get tests done 😦

So, that leaves Mama as the dog/cat sitter de jeur. She already has the dog and she should be coming up here in a day or two to also feed and water Coco. I’m of course worried sick because even though Mama has all her marbles intact, she really in fact doesn’t.

She often burns stuff cuz she forgets she put something on the stove. The other day I stopped by to visit her and found her car keys dangling from the keyhole in the open parking lot. She said she hadn’t been out for two days!

Her latest advice to me is that I should let Coco out for a jog around the garden! Are you kidding me? Ok, I would love to let Coco explore the great outdoors, really I would, but I also know the cheeky monkey would take off! Then what? She is a Ragdoll, she would roll over for a belly rub with just about anyone! How do you protect a cat like that? And how do I get this message across to my mother-in-law that it is NOT a good idea to let her out?

In addition, Fatcat is back! Every year I think he probably didn’t make it through the winter and lo and behold, there he is again, stalking me for food and cuddles. Coco of course is pretty pissed off and she even tried to attack him through the open slats in the door. Perhaps I shouldn’t worry so much about her after all?


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