Sleepless on Portofino mountain


I really should go fetch the shovel and remove the three piles of boar shit from the pathway. And, I really should walk back down the muddy, slippery driveway to fetch the rest of my groceries from the car too. Why is it called a driveway anyway if I can’t drive my car up it? Sheesh!

There’s a long list of stuff that needs to get done…it’s going on 2 pm and I haven’t made lunch yet either. But this time I have a really good excuse for my laziness. Aside from getting soaked this morning while making a trip to town for food, I’ve pretty much had it today. At least with all this rain I can skip watering all the plants today.

Let me begin with Friday night. I drove to the city and back for a friend’s party. I rarely go out at night while up here because the boar scare the crap out of me when I am walking back up to the house. Once, I saw a family of five sprint up the terraces right in front of me. I think they were just as spooked as I was. Anyway, the next morning I noticed that the middle gate was open and one of the ropes was broken. Hmmmm, a boar can’t do that, unless they have skills I’m suddenly unaware of.

Saturday night, the dog next door decided to go nuts barking at 2 a.m. and continued throughout the night. I didn’t sleep a wink past 2 😦

Sunday night, at 3 a.m., I heard loud banging. I woke up and looked out and saw nothing. Then I heard a voice, a man yelling. The dog across the valley started to bark. The man continued beating on something. I just finished reading a murder mystery…was he beating a person? Should I call the cops? Freaked, I grabbed the heaviest, biggest flashlight I could find and a metal hook that had lethal ends and my husband’s hunting knife.

I called my sister-in-law, “sorry to wake you but there is a nutcase beating something and yelling across the field, what should I do?” She told me that one of the local’s has a son who is mentally ummmm, not well? Ok, so that should make me feel better? My only comfort was that the dog next door seemed oblivious to the racket outside, hence she was either not home or not concerned with the goings on if it wasn’t on her home turf.

I paced the house for an hour making sure this lunatic was not on our property or near the house and prayed he was not beating on anything of any importance. Finally, after a few hours, exhaustion took over my defenses and I fell back asleep with the flashlight in the bed, next to the phone and the cat. Today, after getting soaked in the rain storm, with an umbrella, I am very tired and I’ve got a headache. Even Coco seems to be spent.

What will Portofino mountain deliver up tonight I wonder?


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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