Got any ice?

For three days I filled my new ice trays and made bowls of ice only to forget to offer any. I washed the floors and fluffed the new pillows in anticipation for my guests to arrive. But these were no ordinary guests. This was a girl I went to high-school with and hadn’t seen or had contact with since we were about eighteen years old.

I was nervous with excitement but also realized that I had no idea how to stock my fridge! I have a half fridge up here and was at a complete loss as to what to put in it! I am so used to visiting other people that it is a rare occasion that I get such an opportunity to be the hostess.

When my friend arrived with her husband and eighteen year old daughter, I felt a wave of familiarity instantly. It was like no time had passed between us at all which made me think why did we lose contact in the first place?

Truth be told, we were both young and rebellious and eager to pave our own way at a very young age. Jobs and moving around the city, drifted us in opposite directions. We didn’t have cell phones, email or the Internet in those days so keeping in touch was not really a feasible option.

Facebook brought us back in touch a few years ago but again, with so many years past, it was a quick, hi, how is life treating you, kind of exchange. She seemed to be happy and so I was happy to comment on a random photo she posted and vis-versa.

Then one day she told me she was planning a holiday to Italy. It was on her bucket list she said. I laughed, said yeah, I’ve got one of those too…comes with being over forty I guess, lol. I was happy to share any insight on sights and places to stay as I just did a similar tour with my sister the summer before.

When I found out her travel dates I realized that not only would I not be working, but that there was a good chance I would be spending part of July up in Portofino alone. I immediately tried to convince her to come further North and visit me. I knew this was a bit of a crazy idea, after all, people change and what if we don’t get along any more?

I even asked her straight out if she had become a raging lunatic since we last met up. I know, kinda crazy, but lets face it, this visit could go flat or be a big success. No one wants a lunatic in their house for three days and who wants a bucket list vacation ruined by a needy, Prosecco guzzling, desperate housewife on a hill?

The first night we stayed up until 3:00 a.m. Catching up on 27 years of gossip! I ruined the dinner I prepared, realized I have no idea how to feed a family of three, forgot to supply a bath towel to their daughter and I forgot to offer them ice! Lol. But it didn’t seem to matter. We were having such a great time together that even Coco was getting her fair share of cuddles and treats! (FYI – I only drank one glass of Prosecco…and that was after I over-cooked the pasta and ran out of pesto).

While I got dressed, my friend washed the breakfast dishes. While I showered, she watered all my flowers and garden. I knew, with overwhelming relief, that she was comfortable in my home and that I could relax. If she wanted ice, I was confident in knowing that she would either ask or get it herself.

It takes years to build that kind of trust in a friend and there it was all along, I had just lost it for a long time and am so happy now to have found it again. She didn’t want to leave and I was happy to have the whole family stay longer too. I told her she could stay as long as she wanted cuz I hate watering the garden hahaha.

I joke about the ice because since I have moved to Italy, I have learned that ice is not a common thing in households, therefore, our 30 year old freezer is rarely ever turned on. In fact, I had to buy ice trays. But knowing how much North Americans like ice, I decided it was the most important thing and then I totally forgot to offer any. Doh!

I really hope they come back…this crazy, lonely housewife now knows how to stock a fridge for a family of three šŸ™‚


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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