Vintage Books


I have mastered the art of procrastination, and there are still more books to be cleaned and beans to be planted. Long story on the beans, but lets just say that they aren’t going to end up on my plate any faster if I don’t get them into the ground soon!

Every time I turn around I find new trouble to get into and well, that takes time. During my last episode of procrastination, I decided to muck about in the barn and see what I could find. What I discovered was an old suitcase full of gorgeous linen sheets. Jeez, I just went out and bought some because this lot appeared to be on the missing files. Oh well, you can never have too many bed sheets I guess?

So, after unpacking these embroidered beauties, I decided to air them out on the clothes line. They were packed in plastic and so luckily they are perfect otherwise. This is going to take days because even though I have two lines, there are a lot of sheets! A few hours later I heard thunder…I went out and took this photo:

Then, I ran to the field to take the sheets off the line just in time for large rain drops to start falling.

I also discovered a large, glass bottle, the old green ones that they used to store wine in. I decided to clean it up, but I made the mistake of adding water to it on the cement terrace and well…I don’t think I need to tell you what happened or what I ended up doing for the next two hours 😦
I decided after that to call it quits and eat some cookies to feel better.

Anyway, back to these books I have been avoiding. There are some really old ones in this pile dating back to 1908, 1911 and 1913. It’s probably a good thing that my Italian reading skills do not include Dante levels because otherwise I would continue to procrastinate while reading an antique version of The Divine Comedy!


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