Mama Mia! We did it.


I just spent the entire morning with Mama and not only am I completely relaxed, but I actually survived an entire morning with her in a public place without rolling my eyes once! Bliss. Can you believe it?

So, here is my/her take on our spa experience. We both liked the place. It is clean, has nice amenities and not too crowded. We both noted how most of the patrons were quite old which suited both of us just fine. If I decide to take the gym membership then I don’t want to be surrounded by twenty something year olds sweating and showing off. If the 70 year-old geezer, who was flirting with us today, wants to show off…well, I guess he probably earned it.

I timed my walk and door to door it is 4 minutes to get there. I am a super lazy person but if I take a membership, a four minute walk should be fine, right? The gym membership includes the spa, that means, pool, sauna, steam room, etc. etc. I can see it now, I will go alright, but I will run past the gym and directly to the sauna and whirlpools, haha. Oh well, it is all good for me 🙂

Now the downside…

For a €50 entry fee, we got nothing. No sandals, no robe, no towel, no locker. We used the lockers but you are supposed to bring your own lock and I forgot a towel so they kindly gave me one after I asked.

The place is fairly modern, but the fake leather chairs in the change room are cracked and in need of repair.

The young and very pretty receptionist was nice but a bit, shall we say, frosty.

The cost is pricey. The treatments seem to be at par with other spas but the entrance fee is high and also the membership for the gym. I calculated that for a four month trial, it would be about €100 a month. But that includes the spa and classes. I was paying €40 a month for yoga once a week downtown. The class was an hour each time, whereas if I wanted to do the yoga classes at this gym I would not pay extra and I could go as often as I like.

Mama liked it too, she said she enjoyed herself, but agreed that the entrance fee was too high.

Overall, I would give this spa 3.5 pedicures out of 5. It would have rated higher if they offered a robe and slippers 🙂


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1 Response to Mama Mia! We did it.

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Sounds like a no-brainer to me. For me to use a gym, it has to be convenient (location, location, location) and I prefer not to be with gorgeous body builders (bad for my self esteem).

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