No smoking, eeeer, ok


Every time my husband leaves he forgets something. In fact, it’s a reoccurring theme with us that he will either forget his phone or his wallet at least 75% of the time when we leave the house. I have gotten into the habit of doing a check list with him before we go anywhere but then I usually forget something of my own because I’m too busy checking his list! Or, I am not with him when he goes out and I arrive home to see his cell phone still sitting on the kitchen counter, which explains why I couldn’t reach him earlier.

Anyway, the last two times he has left he has forgotten to suspend his scooter insurance. This used to be a task for his sister but now that I have proven to be a bit more capable of stringing a few words together, it has fallen to me. And everyone wonders why I don’t study harder…hmmmm.

So, Monday I went to the insurance office. As I walked in, it’s always the same old scene. Chain-smoking insurance people wandering about in a big cloud of smoke with the sign “Vietato Fumare” clearly there for decoration purposes only. Really? Why is it that Italian’s still smoke in commercial offices even though it is clearly against the law? I am always flabbergasted at how often I have encountered this scenario.

I’m old enough to remember the days when people were permitted to smoke at their desks in Canada. My very first job was working in the file room where the woman behind me smoked and I wonder now how I ever managed to get thru my shift.

My husband is a smoker in denial. I never knew he was a smoker when I met him, had I known, I would have never accepted a date with him. Aside from the fact that I am allergic to it, it makes me choke and gasp for air. I will even give up a prized seat at the bus stop to get away from a smoker.

My husband sneaks cigarettes when I’m not around. I yell at him but to no avail. He at least respects me enough not to smoke around me and if he sees me coming he usually throws it away really quickly thinking maybe I didn’t see it. Very comical.

I guess in some ways I really missed the mark on picking countries to live in. I think Europeans just didn’t get the memo that this shit’s bad for you. Oh well, at least I don’t have an office job anymore and they still make great wine 🙂

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