What do you see?


Back in February I downloaded an App called Houzz. I’ve always loved art and many of my friends are artists in one form or another. Houzz is a combination of decorating, architecture and design. In one particular post, I ran across a recommended site called “The Lost Art Salon”, in San Francisco, California. I decided to browse the site and that is when I was lured into the magic of Anna Poole’s Siren song. Her paintings evoked such strong emotions in me that I just had to own one of her originals.

I turned to her biography page to learn more about this talented lady. She was born in Sweden as Kersten Anna Maria Gunnarsdotter Nilson Stjarne in 1960 but sadly, she accidentally drowned in the San Francisco Bay in 2012. Many of her paintings depict the figure of a woman. Her colours are both vivid and soft all in what seems like one brush stroke.

When I saw this particular one, I could not tear myself away from it. I knew I wanted it and that it had to be mine. Crazy, I know. I have never actually bought a painting online before and in fact, my husband and I only own two original oil paintings and one we inherited so that doesn’t count in a way because we never chose it.

I decided to buy it on layaway with hopes that I wouldn’t regret it. I can’t tell you how exciting it has been that since February I have been anticipating the day that I would finally see this painting in real life. That day finally arrived this past weekend. What I can honestly tell you is that the photo doesn’t do this painting justice. There’s something that pulls you in and then when the sunlight hit just the right angle in the centre I felt like I was being lifted upwards just looking at it. Wow!

I’m pretty certain I will never tire looking at this painting. I know abstract art isn’t for everyone and that it is also very subjective to the viewers tastes. That’s okay. I didn’t buy it because it would look great in my living room. I bought it because I somehow connected with it. The colours, the contours and contrasts and the hidden images when viewed at different angles. Everything I see in this painting causes me to stand still and be drawn into it’s depths.

I have always had a passion for water. The large lakes in Canada, the Caribbean Sea and now the Ligurian Sea, which surrounds our home on three sides. I take long baths and thirty minute showers. I grew up with a pool in my backyard and swimming was a part of my everyday summer life since I can remember. If I have had a bad day, somehow the feeling of being submerged in water makes everything okay again.

This painting makes me feel like I’m floating in the sea with the sun beaming down on me from above. It warms my tummy but my head remains cool. It brings me back to my life in the Caribbean when I used to float on my back and let the sea carry me out with the current. All my problems melted away with the tide.

For some people it’s a particular song and for others it’s a poem or a book. What carries you away with the clouds? For me, it’s clearly this painting.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to What do you see?

  1. Lisa says:

    I can see why you love this piece – it’s stunning!

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