Cherries, oh cherries!


‘Tis the season for cherries! It was touch and go after we had a violent wind storm last week. Delicate, immature cherries scattered across the terraces never to realize the ambitions of a pie. In Montalto, they had hail. Elora was distraught because there would be no cherry pie this year. We have four cherry trees scattered across the property. I promised Elora that if we had any, I would bring her some.

Yesterday morning, I casually walked up the long driveway towards the house. When I passed the cherry tree I couldn’t believe my luck! It was full of wonderful, plump, ruby red cherries! I managed to collect all I could reach and filled a bowl with at least three kilos for Elora and I transported them back on the train with me to work.

The other trees are still lagging behind but for some reason this old tree was full. Today, we had some of the second generation cousins up to the house. These guys are in their 80’s and can you believe that they hiked to the house from Recco? Incredible! And boy, did they love those cherries. My husband was climbing the tree at 10 in the morning to get some of the ones I couldn’t reach.

Enjoy the photos. The pie is courtesy of Elora…it looks so good I can almost taste it 🙂
The other photos are of my chococate cupcakes and cake and the gorgeous gold rimmed tea cups that were hidden in another box. Then of course some pics of cherries 🙂
Buona Domenica!




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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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