Aside from downing copious amounts of Prosecco, one of my all-time favourite things to do is hang out at the Spa. In fact, I’ve even written a top five spa list on this blog and now I’m going to have to add a new one to the list. Lago delle Sorgenti, in Acqui Terme.

We spent the day at this spa and what a glorious day it was! They have two large pools with water cascading down which give you an immediate shoulder massage. Then there are the jets that shoot out from the inner walls that massage the rest of you too. There is an unusual basin that you stand over and breath in the water for purification and a large circular bricked vat that you submerge yourself into, wearing an unusual oriental straw hat.

The steam room has mosaic tiled benches that hug you into place with ambient lights changing colour every few minutes. We were also treated to a session with Tibetan bells inside the steam room, the bowls brought near to you as they resonated vibrating sounds after being struck by the soft mallet.

There are several areas to relax, up on the outer decks where there are softly padded, round wicker beds for two, or inside rooms with waterfalls or a room that features a “gong” which again plays into the Tibetan theme of the place. There is also an outdoor jacuzzi, Finnish sauna and café for tea or a light, healthy lunch. We opted for a fruit and vegetable shake and smoked salmon on toast.

The spa was incredibly clean and not over-crowded. It has a boutique feel to it although the property is quite large. The staff were very nice and friendly and they also spoke English. I had a sports massage and it was pure bliss.

This spa is about an hours drive from Genoa. You can also take the train to Acqui Terme and then a bus or walking should take 20-30 minutes. I will definitely be back! The photos do not do this place justice…it’s a must see and do!



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2 Responses to Spa…tastic

  1. Laura says:

    we just had a newlywed couple here that went there and loved it – it’s on my list!

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