To be or not to Bee…bzzzzz


I have a way with chickens. I know, you must be thinking I’ve hit the Prosecco a bit hard today but honest to God, chickens dig me. All I have to do is go near a chicken coop and say “here chicky chicky” and they flock to me to have a conversation. I’m pretty sure that in a past life I must have either been a farmer or Snow White (although 7 dwarfs have yet to follow me I’m working on it).

Anyway, my sister-in-law has many interests that pretty much change with the wind and this year she has an obsession with bees…or should I say beehives. My father-in-law had bee houses on the property many years ago but he had to stop because he became allergic to their sting.

While I am not exactly afraid of bees, I can still recall like it was yesterday, my very first bee sting. Perhaps because I was stung on the bum, but I remember I was only about 5 years old and the bee was sitting on my tricycle seat, so clearly I sat on him and he got a bit pissed off. I screamed all the way home and then my mom pulled down my shorts and put mud on the sting. I guess after that all was right with the world but I’m not sure how fond I was of my tricycle after that.

So now we have three beehives in our yard. This means free, organic honey! I don’t plan on sitting on any of them this time and I admit I am fascinated to see how this bee farming adventure works. At the moment they are a bit agitated because they have been moved and they are still trying to figure out where the fridge and bathroom are I guess. They are at the far end of the field so presumably they will mind their own business while I hang out the laundry and in return I will avoid sitting on any of them! Sounds like a fair deal don’t you think?

The actual bee houses look more like a storage box at an office, but here is a photo of them as well as some chickens a rabbit, a couple curious cats on a window sill, and a sheep that I made friends with in Cantalupo (the name sounds like Cantalope the fruit but actually it means the singing wolf, one of the villages we explored last weekend).







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2 Responses to To be or not to Bee…bzzzzz

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Our neighbor (in a residential development) has 2 bee houses. Since I have a garden, I am ecstatic! Some of the neighbors with kids, not so much. However, they are not aggressive and have been pollinating my veggies. If only I could wrangle some of the honey out of the owner, I would be happy!

    • Hmmm, in a residential area, is that even allowed? We had a few wasp nests in the olive trees a few years back and had planned to destroy them at the end of the summer. Then we had a family picnic and some of the kids went into the olive grove to play. The youngest boy got stung three times in the head! We had forgotten about the nests and had no idea they were playing near that tree. 😦

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