Crooked towels and headlights


Ever have one of those weeks when you feel like you have fallen into an enormous rabbit hole? I attached this photo because I feel like those poor flower pots all askew in the corners…
All the towels in the bathroom are turned upside down or are hanging crooked, I’ve found myself putting on mismatched socks and not bothering to correct them, my hair looks like it hasn’t seen a comb for weeks and the fridge is always empty. If you guessed that my husband is finally home then you win the game and a free bottle of Prosecco (but you will have to be fast collecting because I may need to open it soon).

In the past two weeks I’ve decorated an entire house, had a clothes swap with the girls, had friends over for lunch, went out for special dinners three times, took Coco to get her nails clipped, bought an entirely new outfit that cost as much as my monthly rent (but I’m still waiting for the Louboutin Shoe Fairy to visit), bought a kick-ass wedding gift, went to an out-of-town wedding and I made stockfish stew not once but twice! It’s no wonder my socks don’t match, I’m exhausted!

The Panda is so dirty that I don’t remember what colour it is. But that won’t matter because Mama had it this weekend and guess what? She took out a headlight. Last year she smashed the hatchback, so I guess she decided to focus on the front end this time. My husband just went over to her house to pick up the car, he didn’t sound too impressed…better her than me! I took a tail light out once so the poor Panda has seen quite a bit of abuse between the two of us, haha.

We just got back from the wedding weekend where I stuffed myself silly with a twelve course meal. It’s a good thing I didn’t buy the belt to go with my new outfit because I don’t think there would have been enough holes in it following that marathon lunch!

The wedding was beautiful and at some point I will add more posts of our exploration of another region in Liguria as well as my recipe for Stockfish Stew. It’s called Stoccafisso Genovese, and is really easy to make and it stinks up your house but it’s very yummy, but not many people like it. I’m not a big fish eater and yet I really like this stew…perhaps because you make it with white wine 😉

Anyway…with my husband at Mama’s maybe I will finally get a chance to finish the last twenty pages of my novel and also get past level 56 on Candy Crush finally!
Buona Domenica tutti xoxox

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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