Fava beans and a flower thief




I finally got my buckets of Prosecco! Yesterday, we had a few friends over for lunch. Of course Fava beans are in season and so everyone must jump on the bandwagon and feast on Fava and Salami. It’s like a Ligurian tradition or something.

I love having company but I am not a very good cook. Hopefully the great view from our hill was distraction enough to keep everyone happy. I also got the house in some sort of order and even bought some fresh flowers as a treat to myself for risking scorpion bites and for washing all the floors and windows!

Usually I just walk out into our garden and collect enough flowers to make a pretty display but now that we are in the new house all the flowers I planted above no longer belong to us. But yesterday, I decided the Aunt would never notice (she rarely comes here) and I went upstairs and cut a few Iris’. Wouldn’t you know it, the old battle axe decided to make an appearance! So, I had to buy the rest at the market. They didn’t stay the night but as my husband was driving down the hill today he saw them coming up again for the day. He called me to forewarn me not to steal any more flowers, hahaha. He knows me too well!


The star of the day was Mia, my friend’s adorable puppy. And it turns out I’m not the only one who steals flowers! Mia loves them and she eats them as well as she seems to love Fava beans, haha.


The olive fields are covered in tall grass and yellow wild flowers. Mia sank below them and ran and played like only a puppy could! After a lot of food and Prosecco we had to make our way back down the hill in the magic Panda. With a pregnant woman, a puppy, three large men and three women, we all decided to load into the Panda for the ride. These are the kinds of days I live for. Good company, good food and people who know how to take a big slice out of the good life šŸ™‚




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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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