Just another crazy day…Please pass the Prosecco

It’s 6:00 a.m. and the bright orange sun is blazing into our bedroom from the window in the corridor. Yes! Today is going to be a beautiful day. Everything fell into place, I even had just enough milk for a bowl of cereal so all was right with the world. But if you live in Italy, you can’t help but wonder what lurks around the corner to crush your happy bubble. I truly am an optimistic person but I have lived here long enough to know that something always happens in this country to shatter my optimism like a wine glass toppled over at the bar.

I had a lesson at 12 and banking and shopping to do. My list was long but all manageable. I drove to the city (45 minutes) and the traffic was light. I made it to the bank and everything went as it should have. I bought fresh bread and a newspaper, everyone had smiles on their faces because it’s finally Spring! Yes, so far, so good. With 30 minutes left to hop on a bus to get to my lesson, I was content with all I had accomplished in the morning.

Then, I noticed that I was the only one standing at the bus stop on a busy intersection. Hmmmm, this smells of rotten eggs and a bus strike. I opened the App, texted Elora and yes indeed, there was a strike. Crap, now I don’t have enough time to walk back to the house, fetch the car and get to my lesson downtown. On top of which, I would have to pay for parking and wondered if I would even find a space remotely close to the pedestrian only address I needed to be at.

I knew it! That was just the gremlin I was expecting. Leave it to Italy to lure you in with her seaside breezes, freshly baked bread and friendly shopkeepers and wham! She hits you between the baby blues with yet another bus strike. I cancelled my lesson. I could have been eating a warm bowl of soup with my husband right now instead of hanging out in my apartment alone and eating tuna and crackers because the fridge is empty. *le sigh. To top it off, I got back to the house and decided to register my new credit card with Paypal and then pay a few items. Oh no, can’t do that either because the new card needs to be authorized and it could take a few days for this to happen. Another *le sigh. Did I also mention that I’m out of Prosecco too?

At least yesterday I had a very productive day emptying more boxes. I was able to complete another room with just the right amount of keepsakes and furniture and Coco and I are quite happy with the end result. We now have a cosy reading (obviously Coco will skip the reading and jump straight to the napping portion) room for two! I just have to get my husband to hang a few paintings, hmmm I wonder how long that will take?

While I was moving boxes around in the damp cellar, I came across a small, brown scorpion. It was about then that I decided to leave the rest for another day and take a cat nap! I’m a firm believer in quitting while you’re ahead 🙂 so, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to the supermarket to stock up on some more Prosecco, I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna need it!





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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to Just another crazy day…Please pass the Prosecco

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    But you really love Italy don’t you. hey hey?

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