Gattigiorno Tre =^.^=

I missed, or shall I say skipped, a Caturday last weekend. Why? Well, because I’m lazy and was too busy stuffing my face with home cooked meals, but honestly, can you blame me? People spend thousands of dollars every year to have an Italian vacation and dream of experiencing an authentic, experience here. So, who am I to snub my nose at the greatness I am so fortunate to have everyday? So, if anyone ever comments on my weight gain, I think I will just smile and say “I know, isn’t this country wonderful?” Haha

Below is my random collection of kitties. Of course, Coco had to get into the act and attack my soccer ball, which in fact, is her soccer ball that I threw in my soccer bag for her to play with. Hopefully I didn’t poison her with my smelly socks in there!

One thing for sure, is that there is no shortage of pretty kitties in Italy! I am always suspicious of a place when I don’t see any cats…

In the countryside, I always find dirty paw prints on the hood of my Panda, which is totally okay because my car is usually filthy dirty anyway! (I hate the carwash here, I always manage to trip over the hose and make a complete ass of myself).

P.S. Elora said that I made a great impression on her in-laws. Why? Because I will eat just about anything, hahahahahaha






I almost forgot…this last cat photo of Tardar, you may or may not know. For those who don’t know, this cat is famous on Facebook because of his pissed off facial expression. Anyway, the = equal sign and red screening is a symbol which was created to show support in the U.S. for gay marriage. Canadians don’t have this issue…we approved gay marriage years ago because well, we’re just a cool country 🙂


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