A cat lover’s delight


Everyone knows that Coco, my Regina Coco Ragdoll cat, is the center of my Universe, so it is only fitting that I would love to read a book about a cat. But this book is quite special and I loved every sumptuous morsel of it.

Living in Italy has not only tried my patience at the best of times but also my outlook on life in general. Living in an overcrowded city in a country that could possibly be on the brink of collapse would surely be enough to test most people’s sanity in this ever shifting world we live in. I have learned to use the rule of ten, you know, count to ten and then breathe hoping to calm down.

Finding this book couldn’t have come at a better time in my life! First and foremost, a big thank you goes to fellow blogger, Michelle Fabio, from Bleeding Espresso, as she wrote a comprehensive review that led me to this wonderful book. I will be dropping by her book reviews page more frequently for future recommendations and if you love reading, then I suggest you do the same.

Secondly, thank you to David Michie for writing this sweet, sweet book. This book reminded me of some things that I need to practice and to stop being so lazy about my life. It will certainly be reread by me many times over and I’m considering buying the hard copy to add it to my permanent library (ebooks are great but sometimes nothing replaces the real deal).


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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4 Responses to A cat lover’s delight

  1. Wow….I have a male Balinese/Siamese cat that looks just like this one.
    I posted a photo of him in a blog I wrote called “Low-Tech Computer Screen Blockers.”
    He keeps me from spending too much time online. 🙂
    Now with your recommendations, I must read this book!

  2. I have a siamese as well and yes she is quite demanding!

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