The Alchemy of sweetness


Sometimes I have a gap between my lessons and I need somewhere to hang out. On Mondays, you can find me at Baby Bar in Foce. I started going there because it was near my student’s office but I have expanded my visits to quick lunches too. The barman is really cute and it’s like he can read my mind when he puts the warm plate in front of me with a basket of bread and a glass of water. Also, the prices are good. I can eat a homemade vegetable pie, warm for €3,50!

Then there is also my new hang-out which again was discovered on an awkward break in the day and the location is near my next lesson. They have glass plated windows displaying various sorts of yummy goodness and when I order a cup of tea I can curl up to a draped pink table and eat the best pastries in downtown Genoa!

The owners are nice and friendly and they bake everything on the premises. Today, I caught a glimpse of the wall painted above…I had not noticed it before perhaps because I was always distracted by all the pies and chocolates at eye level. Now that Easter is coming Italian shops start to line their displays with elaborate pastel decorated eggs. When I looked at the display, I saw the words “L’alchemia della dolcezza”, The Alchemy of Sweetness. Yes, indeed it is!

If you ever find yourself in Genoa, it’s worth finding Pasticceria Dei Caruggi on Vico San Matteo 5R. Facing Palazzo Ducale go right towards Via XX Aprile, take the second alleyway left (there’s a green newsstand there) go down, past the church at Piazza San Matteo, zigzag right and keep going down Vico San Matteo and this place is on your left.


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