Bring on the big guns, Mama and Uma

While some of my readers may be sick to death hearing about my Fastweb saga I must forge ahead with the next edition of this mini-series turned epic saga which could possibly end up somewhat like a Quentin Tarantino film by the time I’m done.

Lets recap, shall we?
I changed apartments in November 2011. Deciding to be a loyal client of Fastweb I asked them to transfer my service to the new place. They said it wasn’t possible and that I had to begin a new contract. Okay, so I followed their instructions and opened a new account. I sent the required form by registered letter to close the old account and that was that.

Fastforward to the year 2012 and Fastweb had been charging me for both accounts. Realizing this a bit too late, I had already shelled out €200 in overpayments, I quickly went to the bank to stop payments. But…the bank is also inept at following the simplest instructions and they didn’t do as instructed. Another two months went by and there it was again, another €50 charge for my phantom apartment to which I no longer lived. Hmmm, back to the bank I went. Lets try this again, but instead of on a Friday afternoon in the summer, it was a Tuesday morning and at another branch.

Subsequently, Mama called them and we sent more faxes and registered letters to tell them that I do not want the service there and I want my money back for overpayments. Fastweb’s response has been a long, cold silence.

I decided that I had had enough and stopped automatic payments on the new account. If they want to be paid then they will have to wait. That is when the harassment started, ironically, the Italian word for harassment is molestare which is really how I feel, molested! Yeah, that’s it. So, they start calling me and asking me for my bank code for direct payment and I refused. Then they told me they needed a €100 deposit to which I laughed hysterically and told them good luck.

In January, 2013, I shut them down. Sent another letter canceling the new service and I switched to another company. I still have not paid their final invoice because it was for a €100 extra, why, because they want their deposit! Like I would ever see that money again?

A week ago I got a call from them asking why I had not paid my invoice for €345. What? Listen lady, I think you’ve got your facts wrong. She said we sent you the invoice in the mail. Well, obviously, I didn’t get it, did I? She offered to email it to me, ok, I gave her the address. A week later they called me again, did you get our email, me, no, I didn’t. By this time I’m sure this woman thinks I am lying through my teeth, but I really didn’t get it. I gave her my email address again and this time I got the email.

Thinking that they were harassing me for the last €50 I owed them, you can imagine my shock when I saw the bill for over €300 and, drum roll please…it was for my old apartment which I had cancelled in November 2011! But, this time it wasn’t a letter from Fastweb it was from some collection agency. Are these people for real?

To say I was steaming mad would be an understatement. Where do these people get off treating customers like this? I forwarded the email to my husband and Mama, and I included my own rant of sorts and I didn’t spare anyone’s sensitive ears with my expletives either.

Mama called them and gave them an earful and told them that if they didn’t stop this nonsense that I would sue them for harassment. Now, this week we have an appointment to meet with the Italian Consumer’s Rights Commission. We have to pay them €50 to look into my affairs and with any luck they will go “Uma” on Fastweb. (I’ve decided this is my new favourite phrase. If you don’t know who Uma Thurman is or the film Kill Bill then let me share it with you Kill Bill trailer.)

I think Quentin should consider Mama in his next Kill Bill film too. Maybe she could play the part of Uma’s crazy aunt or something 🙂

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2 Responses to Bring on the big guns, Mama and Uma

  1. katecrimmins says:

    You are sitting on a gold mine. You need to rent Mama out! I could use her when I buy a new car or an appliance. What kind of consumer protection service makes you pay a fee? Only in Italy?

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