Saying goodbye to an old friend


Last week I posted about my brother’s dog Gus. Today Gus will take his last breath. It deeply saddens me that today is the day we have to say goodbye to an old friend. Gus is over eleven years old, he has had a wonderful life full of love and adventure. This past week he became quite ill and was diagnosed with a tumor. Life is full of difficult choices. I will miss the best dog in my world, Gus, the wonder dog. May every rainbow that appears in the sky remind me of you and the colourful life you made all ours to be.





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4 Responses to Saying goodbye to an old friend

  1. Karen Stephenson says:

    Well said. We will miss him terribly. Jim and I are so happy we had an awesome last visit with him.

  2. katecrimmins says:

    I am so sorry. I have had to make the decision and go to the vet with the pet. I am so not good at that. I always blubber all the way in and all the way out.

    • I’m not good at it either. I fall apart even when the illness is not life threatening. The past month with Coco was very stressful. I think we have finally found the correct diet for her because she has improved greatly but I remember a few weeks back my brother Skyped me and I started crying like a baby. And like men can be, he just said do you wanna call me back in a bit? Haha.

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