Give the cat coffee. Cosa?


Ahhhh, nothing like the threat of a second enema to scare you straight. Honestly, I don’t know who is more stressed out, me, or Coco. I think it’s me. She has continued to freak me out while I am imagining the worst. But here’s the thing, my cat is exactly like me!

Let me explain further…
she is a picky eater and won’t eat anything slimy or mushy. Me either.

Change her routine even slightly and she’s pissed off for a week. Me too.

Cuddle her too much and she feels smothered and starts to growl (she needs her space). Remember my 3′ bubble? I’m the gal who dumped the guy for being too sappingly nice to me. It was nauseating and made me want to scream.

She will eat and eat until she bursts and has a tummy ache. I’ll eat ice-cream even though I am lactose intolerant just because I have little self control and I love ice-cream too much to give it up even if it makes me ill afterwards.

And finally, Coco has IBS. For those of you who don’t know this term, it stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It means that when your routine gets changed you get an upset tummy which then leads to either diarrhea or constipation. In order to correct this you must go to the opposite end of the spectrum to correct the problem first, then, slowly reintroduce the healthy stuff to get everything inside back on track.

It’s a bit confusing because one minute you are taking something to make yourself go, such as the enema, and then the next minute you are taking something to slow it down because your bowels have gone into hyper-drive mode. And, guess what, I also have IBS. Have had it for 27 years and have learned to somewhat manage it. How is it that I have myself a kitty that also has this condition?

Zio and I made our fourth trip downtown to the vets office. It has become our little secret of sorts and when Mama called me I quickly rejected her call. I’m sure by now she thinks I’m having an illicit affair with a strange man! The vet was different this time but I figured it was fine. He examined Coco and determined that she needed something to settle her tummy back down again. When he took her temperature he was so gentle that she almost didn’t notice. I liked this new guy.

He told me she needed a teaspoon of this medication twice a day. I said I understood but how was it to be administered. He seemed to think that I didn’t understand the measurement and repeated the Italian word for teaspoon. Then he wrote the prescription for the pharmacy…1 cucchiaino da caffè. Not catching on that it was ‘da’ and not ‘di’ I suddenly thought the vet wanted me to give the cat coffee! I then asked him in liquid form or powder?

You see, in Italy they drink so much coffee that they call the little spoon a ‘coffee spoon’ similar to how we call the little spoon a ‘tea spoon’. Tired and confused, I thought he wrote a teaspoon of (di) coffee! Oh boy…I really have had my moments with this language and manage to embarrass myself to new levels every time I leave the house. Go ahead…insert blonde jokes here ___________, you know you want to.

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  1. Hi Milena,
    How can you help with Coco?

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