2013 can bite my…


My Sunday plans are really quite simple but seem to take all day. Typically, while searching for a particular email I found myself purging my inbox in the meantime. This task ate up at least a few hours before I got frustrated and realized that the email was sent to my other account. Such is my life these days with everything I touch.

2013, thus far, has proven to be a year of frustration. Let me demonstrate: Yesterday I bought a 70€ humidifier because I was getting a bloody nose every morning and giving poor Coco electric shocks every time I pet her. Today I cooked some pasta and the windows got all fogged up…lesson learned, save my money and cook more pasta.

But there’s more…Coco has been acting very strange since I got home and has started shivering and shaking. Worried, I brought her to the vet. He X-rayed her and said she was constipated. Really? I just paid €85 to find out my cat is constipated?

I’m still not exactly sure how that is connected to the shivering, so of course I have spent my week monitoring her sandbox for you-know-what, and have called the vet half a dozen times in the process. I am armed with baby enemas and vaseline and am praying I don’t have to use them! (According to Mama, Coco has the best life of all of us. I think Coco would disagree at the moment).

And then…last night I decided to take a hot bath to try and reduce my stress. I’ve only been back a week and my sleeping habits have not yet returned to normal. I grabbed a jar of body cream and then proceeded to drop it open side down on the bathroom floor. With slippery hands I reached down, grabbed the jar and accidentally propelled it directly into Coco’s litter box! My immediate response went something like this:
“Are you kidding me? Really?” Needless to say, I gave up on the body cream and went to bed.

Do you remember that case of Chianti my husband left me? It’s already half gone!
So, if you want to know why I haven’t blogged lately, there’s your answer. I’m searching for poop in a box of sand half the time and the other half, I’m usually drunk.

Oh, and here’s the topper. I finally cancelled Fastweb and booked a new Internet provider. Fastweb called me to ask why I was canceling. After my long winded complaint she actually had the nerve to ask for my modem back, you know, the one I bought and paid for. When I told her this she asked if I had the receipt to prove it. My response was…drum roll please, “Are you kidding me? Really?”

Have a nice day, eh!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to 2013 can bite my…

  1. Cyndy says:

    arggggggg!!!!!! You are hysterical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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