What’s wrong with shag dogs anyway?

Friday after an early morning and what seemed like a very long day, I decided to go back to Mama’s instead of my house. Coco was already at Mama’s and the idea of shuttling her back and forth in the next few days seemed unfair to the little misfit. When I got the news of my next departure date I figured I could handle a few days at Mama’s without too much stress (insert laughter here at will).

The first night I took a much needed bath but couldn’t find any shampoo and so I used body soap. After all, who was I trying to impress, my chain-smoking mother-in-law? I then went to bed with semi-wet hair. Saturday arrived and I had just randomly piled my hair into a clip and watched TV. I know, I am sure I have painted a very vivid picture for you…there I was still in my pink flannel pj’s looking my finest.

Mama entered the kitchen and sat down. I smiled. She smiled.

Mama: “Leah, are you going to the hairdresser today?”
Me: “Ummm, no”
Mama: ” Why not?”
Me: “Mama, it just looks this way because I used body soap to wash it last night”
Mama: “Oh. But don’t you want to cut it?”

Buahahaha…I love this woman! There’s not a subtle bone in her body.

What is it with mothers and their daughter’s hair? My mom is the same way. I used to visit her and get stuff like “for God’s sake Leah, you look like a shag dog in a wind storm, when are you going to cut your hair and put some make-up on?”

Geez! All this time I thought I only needed to make an effort to look good for my husband but it turns out he probably doesn’t care near as much as my mom or Mama!

By the way…this photo is what appears if you type into Google ‘bad hair day’ lol


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2 Responses to What’s wrong with shag dogs anyway?

  1. Cyndy says:

    You are a RIOT !!!!!

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