For the love of Mama and snow angels

Snow in Genoa. Corso Italia.It rarely snows in Genoa, or so I’m told, but it’s all lies people. The only ones who tell you this ‘fact’ are the ones that are still in denial about global warming and have turned a blind eye to the past five years for which I myself have seen it snow in Genoa! Perhaps the new phrase should be ‘it never used to snow in Genoa’. Yeah, I like that, kinda has a ring to it no?

Let me add my own in here…’it never snows in Genoa before January’…oops, can’t say that anymore either. Sheesh! What’s this world coming to? I moved here from Canada to avoid such things like minus temperatures and yep SNOW!

Yesterday I hung out at the airport for half a day and never got off the ground, sigh. I also missed the ship…another, sigh. I almost got pregnant off the ground but the engine broke…another sigh. But better on the ground than in the air!

The funny thing is that after standing in a cue for over two hours only to be told there were no more flights to the U.S. that day, I wondered where Mama was when you needed her. You see, I am a patient Canadian to a fault. I had a ship to catch and there was very little, ahem, wiggle room shall we say, for fooling around with a two hour cue and ONE Customer Service Dude! Only after the first hour passed did they think to open a second window.

Now, lets play the “if Mama was there” game. What would she have done? Yes, you guessed it, she would have bullied her way to the front and demanded to get on the next flight because HER SON WAS DESPERATELY WAITING FOR HIS DEAR WIFE TO ARRIVE. She would have cried and had the whole cue in stitches with her dramatic performance while I turned fifty shades of red. (her nickname, penned by me, is in fact Sofia for good reason)

The moral of this story…next time bring Mama to the airport! At least by now I would be sippin’ champagne with my husband instead of camping out at Mama’s waiting for my next flight drama to unfold.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a couple snow angels to attend to before this shit melts 🙂


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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5 Responses to For the love of Mama and snow angels

  1. Poor Leah, I’m so sorry for you…yes, next time brinh Mama to the Airport!
    The photo is wonderful, wow!
    A big hug to you Leah!

  2. katecrimmins says:

    Like you, I am too polite. We need to take lessons from Mama so we can be self sufficient. I’d like her to go car shopping with me next time I am in the market.

  3. Cyndy says:

    You, as always, are hysterical! I loved your least lines especially – how did you make it snow on this page? nice touch!
    Give my love to Mama and squeeze Coco for me!
    love, C.

    • Isn’t the snow purty! WordPress does that every Christmas…I love it 🙂
      Mama is already up to no good…she just locked Coco out on the balcony for an hour. Sheesh! How can I leave these two alone for two minutes without worrying to death? Do you remember when Coco’s tail caught on fire while in Mama’s care?
      Coco is sneaky and you have to check on her every ten minutes or she’ll be riding the elevator with the pizza guy the minute you turn away, lol

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