For the love of…routine?

While the days are winding down and the final count is under seven days, I am once again left with preparations of going solo for four months. I have been quite fortunate this time around in many ways because I was able to stave off a heavy work schedule and therefore spend more time with my husband ( the downside being no work, no money honey). He has been home an extra month however and to witness us together is somewhat like watching a Laurel and Hardy episode.

When we are up in the country, he works outside in the vast yard cutting wood and doing many manly tasks. I know this simply because he smells quite like a goat at the end of the day. I, on the other hand, stay close to the house and enjoy the roaring fire and cuddling with Coco. Who said life wasn’t better being a chick?

My time was cut short when Coco caught a virus and I decided to take her back to the city a few days earlier. After three months and every weekend spent with my husband’s sister this was to be our only weekend without them :(. But my baby was very ill and I needed to be closer to the vets office to feel at ease.

Now that we are back to the city and my workload has picked up, it is very apparent that we are not a ‘normal couple’. Our days are anything but routine and I find myself bouncing off walls trying to organize lesson plans with books scattered around our small apartment. It is not a big deal when it’s just me and Coco but my husband is quite tall and his presence is hard to miss. I am constantly tripping over his feet or his shoes (babe, I love you but can you please put your shoes back in the closet?).

I hate this part. He leaves in a few days and I am grumbling because he gets in my way! When we are on the ship together am I in his way too? Our cabin on the ship is the same size as my bathroom here in Italy…how can it be that we worked several contracts together and managed to work and live in harmony but here on land with loads more space we are forever tripping over each other?

I’ll tell you why. It’s routine. That word that we all loathe as symbolizing a boring existence. But in fact, in some ways I crave it. Yes, I like spontaneity and adventure but there is also some good to come of having a routine. My husband and I are simply never in the same place long enough to get any peace and rhythm to our daily lives. When we worked together onboard we both had a daily routine.

It made things run smoothly and there was no tripping over each other (unless I decided to hang with some friends in the crew bar or at Cozumel’s famous mini-putt park where drinks are ordered via walkie-talkie). But here in Italy we are decidedly nowhere and yet everywhere at the same time. After three months I’m a bit tired and just want to turn into a couch potato for a month.

Coco is on the mend by the way…kitty virus that was going around and airborne! I knew she was jealous of my husband but I didn’t think she would go as far as this to get my attention!

Today I am home alone. A bit of a taste of what the next few months will be. Will I ever get used to this crazy life of ours? No. I don’t think so. Life moves, it doesn’t stand still. After a sick kitty my laptop computer decided to give it a go and now it is also at the doctors. At least I still have my iPad šŸ™‚ but the good news is that although my husband is leaving again perhaps my blog posts will increase. Writing has always been a secret passion of mine but I cannot write with any distractions…obviously, with the decline of posts in the past several months, a 6 foot, blue-eyed Italian has proven to be quite a distraction indeed.

Happy trails…pass me the remote.


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1 Response to For the love of…routine?

  1. Kay says:

    A really nice post, thanks for sharing. Routine… ti capisco prioprio. The older I get (and I have quite a headstart on you) the more I value the routine I once tried to avoid. Flexibility was my aim… now some sense of order and routine would be wonderful! Mmmmm… So would some feet to trip over… šŸ™‚ Hope you continue to find the joys of life in this wonderfully crazy country, especially when your man is home.

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