Shaking hands and kissing babies

I have never been a big fan of politics. In fact, I’ve quit some pretty good office jobs in the past because the office politics were too much to swallow. I am not someone who will lobby to get my way or get someone to like me. What you see, is what you get. I have my rockstar days and my crabby, boring housewife days just like everyone else (come on, admit it, you do too). Obviously this may have stopped me from having ‘greatness’ in my career and I’m really okay with that.

I would never want to be famous because quite frankly, most people bug me. I’m pretty sure I would end up being like Nora Desmond* if I were rich and famous. But, I must say that if I was famous for writing a kickass blog that would probably be okay šŸ™‚

Anyway, this brings me to the kissing babies part of my post. One of the things I loathe about Italy is the political games people play here. Let me make one thing very clear. If I like you it’s because I think you are nice, not because I think I can get something from you in the future. Sadly, I’ve been on the end of this candle and taken advantage of.

Today I had to go meet the Mayor. I know, how silly is that? Again, Mama insisted that I go with my husband because it is my wifely duty to support my man. Is this really necessary? I didn’t vote for him and I really don’t see the importance in wasting his time with me either. But here in Italy everything is about “bella figura” and making a good impression. I must meet him so that in the future if I am arrested for murdering Mama he will understand why and support me (hehe, just kidding…sorta).

But here’s what I believe and no matter how many years I live here that won’t change: If I need something from the county office then I must apply and pay my dues so that the system is fair for everyone regardless of whom I may or may not know on the throne of politics.

In return, those in power must not play favoritism to people of their township simply because they gave said Politician a christmas cake or something. It baffles me that Italians cannot see how they are contributing to their own corruption by continuing to practice this behaviour.

For the record, the Mayor was nice and greeted us warmly. I have no personal grudge against him only the fact that I seem to have little choice in playing my part as the dutiful wife. Yes, I could have refused to go along but with Mama breathing down my neck I figured it was a safer bet to just go than listen to her rant at me for being a bad wife.

Mama has also left the building. How is it that three days can feel like three months?
Even Coco is breathing a sigh of relief.

(For the record, today is crabby, boring, housewife day)

*Norma Desmond is a fictional character in the film Sunset Boulevard directed by Billy Wilder. Desmond is an aging silent film star who has watched her career fade away with the advent of “talkies”, films with sound, and is slowly loosing her mind. The character of the silent film star Norma Desmond was played by real life silent film star Gloria Swanson.


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