She’s back…





Since July, Coco has been shuttled from house to house following me like a gypsy. The last few car trips she had become quite vocal about all the traveling and to be honest I concurred. Trying to balance all these balls in the air was exhausting.

The last leg of this tour, or so I thought, was our olive picking frenzy. This year we had a really good crop and great friends who came up to pitch in with the work. Monday morning we were up with the roosters to put our olives into sacks for their final destination….the mill (FYI 182 kilos of olives = 43 litres of oil) Then I dashed off to the city for my lessons.

It occurred to me that rather than shuttle Coco and myself back and forth to the city for half the week, that I should take the train and leave her in the country with my husband. This plan has worked out quite well for Coco but I am still playing catch up with lesson planning, blogging and sleep.

I wasn’t too concerned because I knew I had Thursday and Friday to recover…or so I thought. My husband informed me that Mama was coming for a visit. Stupidly, I thought she was coming for the day. But no, she is here for three!

Yesterday morning I ran through the house with a mop and bucket. When the phone rang for me to go meet her at the road and bring her up, the first thing she did was yell at me because my phone was out of range…like this is my fault? I had it tucked into my back pocket while I was mopping, perhaps the signal couldn’t reach my ass?

The drive up the road was a commentary on how I was too close to this tree and that one. Do you think its too early to toss her into an olive grove? Finally at the house I told her I was a bit sore from my soccer practice the night before and that her son could collect her heavy bag when he got home. She stood outside the car and waited for me to remove her bag…okay, I guess I won’t wait. She brought her own sheets, duvet cover etc.

When we arrived at the house she did her five cent tour then got out her measuring tape. Yep, one of those old-fashioned foldable kinds. As I sat trying to read a book she started suggesting we move the furniture around. Hmmm, where’s she going with this? My husband protested and so did I then he went outside to cut some wood leaving me with Mama and her measuring tape.

Again I protested to no avail. ‘Prova’ she said. Then Mama started to try and move the fridge. I ran outside and called my husband. He came in and yelled at her to stop. Then she started to pout. Have you ever seen a grown woman pout? It’s not a pretty scene. She brought all this home cooked food for us and this theoretically used to be her house. What was I supposed to do?

Humour her. It’s that simple. I got out my masking tape and started marking the floor with her new plans. Together we moved the fridge etc. she was like a kid getting her way. My husband looked inside and shook his head and yelled some more. I told him if he didn’t like it the worst situation was that we put it back the way it was after she leaves.

So how do you like my problem solving skills? Not bad eh? The day ended with me and a very large bottle of Prosecco 🙂 Mama probably thinks I have a drinking problem, lol. The best part however is that I like her changes. Mama strikes again. I just sent her shopping with my husband, revenge is sweet isn’t it?

(Sorry about the small olive picking photos…using the iPad and 3G to post) happy happy, joy joy!


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2 Responses to She’s back…

  1. mouseytong says:

    After meeting you today, this post brings out a huge grin! 🙂

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