Phrasal verbs can be exciting

“I just ordered a new book on phrasal verbs and I can’t wait to use it”. Yes, Me, I actually said that this week! Me, the one who toured the mid-west U.S.A. with a rock band when I was 24, served up cocktails on the beach in Grand Cayman at 32 and did airbrushed tattoos on cruise ships from 36-42! So who the hell is this phrasal verb geek and what the heck did she do with my good friend Leah?

Admittedly, I’ve only scratched the surface on geekdom but quickly came to my senses. I was never one of those kids that tried to be cool, I just had really cool friends and that made me cool by osmosis I think. My sister was a good role model…she is the coolest person I know! And her kids are even cooler.

What brings me around to this subject is that someone I’ve known since I moved to Italy just informed me that I was the most ‘normal’ person she knows. I really had to think about this statement for over a week to decide if I was bothered or not by what she’d said. Clearly, if I am still thinking about it several weeks later the answer must be yes. But why?

I’m 46 and pretty secure in my status as still being pretty cool. I know this because my niece tells me I am šŸ™‚ but really, why should I care? Then the answer came to me…it isn’t so much about being called normal as it is about getting older and not giving a crap. Yes, I obviously do in some ways but not to the general public and about the same things. I can honestly say that I have outgrown the need to ‘fit in’, have the right shoes or hairstyle.

I don’t give a crap about still proving that I’m cool (it is what it is). But what I do give a crap about is quality friendships and surrounding myself with people who really have taken the time to get to know the real me. Obviously if you have only known someone after they have turned 40 it is difficult to imagine that 40 something person head banging to Guns ‘n Roses at one point in their life. Sad really…the head banging always gave me a stiff neck afterwards, lol.

So whatever normal is I am formally rejecting this observation and from this point on I will stop being the mature responsible adult that gets excited about books on phrasal verbs and go back to listening to my Black Sabbath vinyl collection…

Just kidding of course. I can accept normal as a compliment. It means I have come a long way from being a reckless youth to a mature, responsible, caring individual who obviously appears quite boring to the thirty-something set. Oh well, my parents are proud of me and that matters more than anything. Maybe when she turns 46 she will understand.

Ciao for now dudes!

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4 Responses to Phrasal verbs can be exciting

  1. Kay says:

    Love it! Your post arrived in my email while my exercises for revising phrasal verbs were (quite literally) printing out beneath the desk. I have a wonderful book, Phrasal Verbs in Use… I hope you have ordered the same one!

    Normal is… happy in your own skin. I’ll run with that. You are lucky to be there so young (hahahaha…) some people take much longer to work out what is really important in life. We are what we are. Happy teaching!

  2. You were born cool – I should know. Good blog.

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