Mama! It’s a Panda, not a Porsche


There are seventy beaches on Elba Island…some sandy, some rocky and some with those large white pebbles that make me think of a hot stone massage. Sunny days and fresh fish kept us going and so did Mama’s car.

Oh, Mama’s car, yeah, as I was going to continue waxing on about Elba Island I got a bit sidetracked and now that draft post has somehow been filed under “I can’t find the damn draft on WordPress app for iPad!” Considering that I nearly lost my mind yesterday over my Internet provider’s shenanigans (yes, the Fastweb blues has a sequel), I decided I’d rather start fresh and save my poetic holiday ramblings for another day.

So, back to Mama. The cars in this family are as convoluted as anything else they do. Let me explain. When I moved here Mama had a green Fiat Panda. My husband has a scooter (called a DINK, seriously, haha). And my sister-in-law has a Ford Fiesta.

Only the Panda and the scooter can get up the road to Portofino because it’s so narrow. So you can imagine the car jockeying that goes on with all of us! Then one day someone had the bright idea to buy a second Panda. The cars then got jockeyed again leaving Mama with the newest car which has air-conditioning. Makes sense right?

I got the green one and the sil got the red one and everyone is happy again. Only thing is, both Pandas are really old. For any long trips out of town we swap cars with Mama. Have I lost you yet? I told you being part of this family is a daily test of my sanity didn’t I?

This past week we gave Mama the green Panda in exchange for her Fiesta to go to Elba Island. Our first day, we hadn’t even left town yet, we spent an hour watching the gas attendant (who messed up and put gas in) pump gas out of the tank (it’s a diesel). Then we noticed the front tire was low on air…took it off and tested it for holes. Called Mama, she hadn’t noticed the car was leaning precariously to the left. Hmmmm…

A week later we got the Magic green Panda back. I actually love this car. It is very basic but it is a sturdy car and with Italian roads and drivers being insane, the Panda is a car that I feel safe in. Truthfully, I have dented both doors and knocked out a tail light but it’s the kind of car that you don’t go home crying over if there is a wallop dent in it…you just drive on dude!

Mama is one of those maniac drivers. She hits the gas pedal in reverse first, then looks. Honestly, just ask my sister. She got the privilege of witnessing this first hand when she was here on holiday. So, as the story goes, Mama hit the gas and hit a pole last week. Now there is a big dent in the back hatch to match the ones I put on the sides šŸ™‚ only trouble is…now we can’t lock the hatch back, lol.

Poor green Panda…she takes a beating but keeps on ticking. Now if anyone knows a good body shop…?



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1 Response to Mama! It’s a Panda, not a Porsche

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Sounds really complicated! Maybe Mama should use a walker instead?

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