Where’s Waldo? (errrr, Leah)


Have I ever mentioned how much I should have married a Tuscan instead of a Ligurian man? Where the heck am I? Well, as mentioned in San Gimignano…I’m back in Tuscany. I know, I just can’t seem to get enough of this place! Perhaps it’s the wild boar everywhere? We have them in Liguria too but they are protected in Portofino and so eating them is somewhat a novelty. Besides, they tore up my veggie garden a few years back and I want my revenge.

Actually, we have moved on from San Gimignano and went further south to Piombino to catch a ferry boat to Elba Island. Why Elba? Well, this tiny island was unknown to me until I met Maurizio, my student. He manages a resort here and I have spent years teaching him English and correcting translations on their website so I kind of feel like I already know the place. Maurizio kindly offered my husband and I a free apartment for the week! So how could we refuse?


Wow, this place is so nice! It still feels like summer here but not so hot, just a cool summer breeze and comfortable nights for sleeping. The smell of pine needles reminds me of camping in Canada which is so nice because I have been very homesick this year.

Yesterday we went to a place called Sant’Andrea and swam off the rocks. The water was so clear you could see the black sea urchins clinging to the rocks below. We stopped at a cliffside restaurant called “Sottomarino” where we had two very friendly cats join us for our meal of fish.





Today we went to Campo Marina and hung out at the beach. We had lunch at “da Piero” which I found on Trip Advisor and was very tasty and worth the visit. It’s a bit tricky to find and they only do lunch service. Best thing to do is look for the resort “Iselba” and then head towards the beach. The restaurant is right on the beach. Ironically, the owner has the same surname as my husband! We only realized this after I snagged a business card as we were leaving so we went back to the order counter and chatted with Matteo about family ties.
Here’s lunch:


I gave the shrimp heads to my husband because there were no cats nearby 😉

I know it may sound like I am on vacation all the time but this is the only way to get any quality time with my husband…away from Genova and the constant phone ringing and family obligations. Since my husband came home last month we have been working on the house, chopping trees, painting and cleaning up the property which had been ignored for the better part of twenty years. The shutters are rotted and falling off their hinges and so when Maurizio offered a free vacation it was like a gift from heaven. THANK YOU MAURIZIO AND AVIOTEL!



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2 Responses to Where’s Waldo? (errrr, Leah)

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Gosh, it looks like it’s cold there! Love your new header photo too!

    • Leah says:

      It was cold in San Gimignano! But just a bit South and on Elba Island we are back to wearing swim suits…but I don’t think anyone wants to see the likes of us in swimgear, haha.
      Thx about the new header…I took that at the cousins outdoor cookfest which I wrote about in Recco. It was such a classic kitchen shot I couldn’t have staged such an authentic flour frenzy if I tried!

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