Sticky pasta


When I was a kid my Nana taught me that the way to tell if the pasta was cooked was to throw it at the wall. If it stuck it was done! Can you imagine me doing that here in Italy with my Italian husband? Luckily, we both like our pasta ‘al dente’ which has something to do with your teeth although I am not sure of the exact connection. In fact, I’m not even sure if it is ‘al’ or ‘el’. Guess I should go back to Italian school eh? Yeah, I know, I will add that to my list of things that I need to do but really don’t want to. Next topic?

Every so often we get together with my husband’s family in Recco. Every time we drive along the Aurelia path we pass by the cemetery where my husband’s father is buried. It’s kind of creepy because you can see a black and white stone building that looks a bit like a church steeple. At the top is carved “familia…”. I say it’s creepy because one day we will also be in there! It reminds me a bit of those catacombs in Palermo, where dead people are literally hanging from hooks along the walls and they even have a room for ‘virgins and babies’. The Lonely Planet lists it as the creepiest tourist attraction in the world. Why I had to see it is beyond me because now that I have seen it I’m creeped out.

But lets get back to happier topics for the living like like food and fireworks. Recco had its’ annual firework blowout weekend and we had ring side seats. There were three rounds of colour explosions and some of them appeared to be emerging right from the sea. We were perched above on the apartment balcony overlooking the bay and the booming rockets shook the whole building to its’ historic core.

Before the show, we feasted on local specialties prepared by and baked, by the two elder cousins, in the outdoor wood oven located in the garden. Foccacia di formaggio, Farinata (chick pea flour) and loads of homemade wine. Is it any wonder that I put weight on every time my husband comes home? It was certainly a nice break from house renovations…every stitch of clothing I own now has paint on it!



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4 Responses to Sticky pasta

  1. That’s my girl……eat, pray, love and eat again.

  2. Karen says:

    I wonder if it was your nana that taught me that pasta trick too? Funny when you think about it.

  3. Brianna says:

    It may sound strange, but I miss farinata. I literally dream about the fresh “fainà” I get when I’m in Chiavari. Reading your posts makes me miss Liguria.

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