Coco escapes from Alcatraz


The August sun has beaten us down for 29 days without a drop of rain to spare. The air hangs like a damp wool blanket tightly wrapped around you and then all at once raindrops the size of nickels drop heavily onto your head. I guess this is the official memo from Mother Nature that her summer fling is over.

A mere week ago I watched with mixed emotions as life guards scooped a dozen giant jelly fish out of the sea. My husband explained that the water was getting too warm and that there was an over-population of them (coincidently they also interfere with the tourists at the beach) I had never heard of this but I doubt it would be something newsworthy and would be bad for tourism in the popular Portofino/Santa Margherita region. The jelly fish were left on the beach presumably to dry up and die…any environmentalists care to shed some light on this subject?

We are also still knee deep in house renovations with no end in sight. The local bug population has decided that our bedroom is the best place in the house to hang out and every night I battle it out with giant centipedes and spiders. Seems Coco is not so impressed with these critters either as she looks at me for some guidance on what to do with them.

Yesterday I decided to cut away the old tattered tarp that is covering the farmer’s ancient Ape (scooter with a truck bed in back). That plan quickly backfired on me when I saw a very large hornet nest on the underside of the tarp. I proceeded to do my best Forrest Gump impression and ran and kept on running (I should be arriving in France any day now).

Today has been a particularly bizarre day and I am wondering if I just have rotten luck. Since my husband came home we have been holed up here with his sister and her boyfriend (we had to wait for the Vigili to come for our new residency status-Fyi: she was here 5 minutes and approved us, it took me a month to get approval from the same woman three years ago). Clearly, they have no concept of what our marriage must be like when we are apart for months at a time…I would love to have some quality alone time with my husband but the in-laws just left yesterday and they are coming back tonight 😦

But, I was happy to at least have one night together and today we woke up to silence and bliss! We decided to venture into town for a few things and what we needed to buy we couldn’t find. Should we have just stayed home? A few hours later, we arrived back at the house and as usual, I called out for Coco. I could hear her meowing but where the heck was she? My husband looked out the upstairs window and there was Coco outside the front door! She escaped from Alcatraz through the window which I carefully fenced in!

Scared, bug-eyed and panting she was clearly freaked out. Holy crap, what the heck happened? It took me an hour to finally calm her down. She was so scared she vomited. When I left the bedroom she cried for me to return. Then, after she finally calmed down, I poured myself a drink and tried to calm down too. Fatcat has been hanging around for two days now and I think they may have had an encounter. Although Coco appears to be unscathed. Thankfully, Fatcat just wants food and some cuddles and would not try to attack Coco…her on the other hand, who knows? She is insanely jealous and may have tried to duke it out with him.

Lets just hope that the drama is over. How was your day?



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3 Responses to Coco escapes from Alcatraz

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Sounds like a really crazy time! Poor Coco! She is so gorgous!

  2. Ma povera piccola Coco, che avventura!
    Un abbraccio amica mia!

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