Beef & sisters

Favourite Sister Quote of the vacation “I think it’s still mooing”.

Ever had Florentine steak? (I apologize in advance to any of my vegetarian or Muslim readers. Or…any chefs out there! You may want to go read someone else’s blog today)

Florentine steak is a specialty of Tuscany. My husband is crazy for it. I like it too but usually it is a bit too rare for me and I ask for my portion to be a bit more cooked. I know that many chefs would gasp at the thought. Steak of any kind should never be ‘well-done’ (according to my chef friends, who worked at 5 star restaurants in the Cayman Islands with me) and I agree because it loses all its flavour, however, when it is really red I don’t like the texture so I prefer it more on the pink side.

Our first night together in Montefollonico I made a reservation at Gobbi 13. I had researched the village on Tripadvisor and this place was highly recommended for their pecorino pappardelle (pasta made with pecorino cheese – Note: Google translates pecorino to = doggy!) and Florentine steak so of course we ordered both. We decided to share the steak among the three of us as it was a lot of food and my sister had not yet learned to stretch her stomach muscles to accommodate the Italian eating sequence (I’ve had several years practice).

The food was excellent and the owner was quite entertaining. When he tossed the pasta in the giant pecorino cheese rind he made a show of it and let me take photos. Then there was the main course, the Florentine steak. He placed it in front of my sister with a dramatic flare. I think my sister thought he was joking when he wanted to serve the steak so incredibly raw on the inside.

Typically, these steaks are very thick and so the outside gets a searing effect but the inside stays very red and almost raw. I like my tuna steak this way but then again I love sushi.

My sister laughed and said “I think the cow is still mooing”. We all had a good laugh and sent the steak back into the kitchen for a bit more grill time. It came back perfect and we all had a feast!


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3 Responses to Beef & sisters

  1. sybaritica says:

    Tossing the pasta in the hollow cheese wheel is a terrific idea!

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