There’s a really cool infinity pool in heaven

Soaring above the clouds in my magic Panda I promised my sister that our next stop would be worth the trip in my un-air-conditioned, 15-year-old car. As we climbed higher and higher in first gear, the engine roared and chugged on.

My sister replied, “what could possibly be better than a terrace on top of an ancient tower in Tuscany, the hair-raising drive to your house in Portofino or a swim in the sea at San Fruttuoso?”

La Baggiara was my answer. High above Sori beach, in Sant’ Apollinare, nestled in the hillside is this fantastic B&B, which is owned by my friend Laura and her husband Nino. The first time I met Laura I was in awe of her home. A labour of love, they built the place themselves. Nino is Italian and Laura is American. She gave up a great career in Manhattan, New York to ‘be with her love and live the dream’.

Not only are they super nice people, they are kind and generous and excited to share their dream with you too. The views from the house and deck below are spectacular. The sunset magnificent! But the best part of all is the infinity pool which hovers over the edge of an olive grove and at the perfect angle looks like the water continues into the sea – Golfo Paradiso.

I asked Laura if she had any availability while my sister was visiting and she had only one night so I took it. One night was better than none and I wanted to surprise my sister with this gem of a place.

We arrived, we swam, we drank, we ate, we sang silly songs. The rental apartment was gorgeous too with thick stone walls and giant windows looking out to the sea. So if you had any doubts, I can assure you that “this is heaven, and it’s got a really cool pool!”

If you don’t believe me look for yourself:


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5 Responses to There’s a really cool infinity pool in heaven

  1. Nancy says:

    I thought I wanted to go back to Italy to spend time in Tuscany. Thanks to your “travelogue ” that is a definite bucket list item.

    I am so enjoying your life! Regards…Nancy

    • Hi Nancy,
      Yes, Tuscany holds a special place in my heart too. I love the food! We tried for days to get some photos of the sunflower fields but they were always facing the wrong way or it was impossibe to pull over to the side of the road. So getting a good pic one day and hot air ballooning over the Tuscan hills are on my bucket list 🙂

  2. katecrimmins says:

    The Italian government should pay you for this wonderful travelogue! I want to go there!

    • Well keep your shorts on Kate because my next post will be quite anti-Italian after the day I had, haha. In fact, I think that is why I am never nominated for anything…I am perhaps a bit too realistic at times.
      But it was an interesting experience seeing Italy through my sister’s eyes. I have been here too long to still be wearing my rose coloured glasses I’m afraid.

  3. Cyndy says:

    we must go!!!!!!!!!

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