Nice place to visit but…

I’m so glad my readers are enjoying my journey. I must say that in the past two weeks it was quite interesting to experience Italy through my sister’s eyes. Everything was new again and I was reminded of just how different everything is here from Canada. Heck, even the windows open differently!

However, my sister did catch on fast to some of the pitfalls of Italian life. For example:

  1. She accidentally dropped some expensive sunglasses on the shop floor…she said oops, sorry, but the salesman ignored her, picked up the glasses and walked away in a prima donna huff.
  2. She had to tolerate me, her younger sister, saying ‘don’t touch that’, because I know how much Italians loathe customers ‘touching’ their merchandise.
  3. She was unable to buy more wine from our buddy Vittorio at Innocenti because he had pulled a disappearing act and seemed to not be bothered much that we were patiently waiting for him in his shop until after 15 minutes we just gave up and left.
  4. She stayed in my apartment and rode in my car and understood what life is like in this stifling heat without air conditioning. (yes, I know I can buy both but I am not rich ya know)
  5. She learned to close her eyes when I drive and have faith in God or whoever that higher power might be.
  6. She learned that everything in Liguria is UPHILL!

Now, on to my day today, here is a recap:

  1. Yesterday: I needed to pay the electricity bill. I went to the post office (I have a bank account there) to pay the bill.
  2. There were 2 tellers and 40 people…I left.
  3. Today: I went to another post office because my branch closes at 12:30.
  4. There was 1 woman ahead of me. I took a ticket number and waited. (FYI-there are 2 types of tickets, A and E. A, if you are not a bank account holder and E, if you are, I took E)
  5. The very overly tanned teller called my E ticket number and I walked to her counter. (Note: there was only 1 man who walked in after me waiting for service)
  6. She asked me if I had an account there. I said yes of course because I had an E ticket and offered to show her my bank card.
  7. Little Miss too tanned and sun fried brain cells grunts at me and lectures me about taking an E ticket even though I told her I was a customer!
  8. I took out my card and placed it under her nose. She still went on lecturing me. Excuse me, but there is NOBODY waiting in front of me with an E or A ticket!! There are 2 customers in this post office including me and I arrived 10 minutes before the guy behind me anyways. What is your problem lady?

Later that day…at the Coop Supermarket:

  1. I wanted to buy some meat at the butcher counter.
  2. Butcher dude went to the back so I waited…and waited.
  3. Butcher dude showed up with a big smile, I smiled and placed my order.
  4. Butcher spots his favourite dog in the basket behind me, excuses himself for a moment and goes to give the dog some raw meat, haha.
  5. Okay, too cute and the dog got served before me. Only in Italy!
  6. I’m not all that bothered by butcher dude, I just wanted to share this experience after post office lady, that’s all.

Have a nice day wherever you are and remember that the grass is as green as you are able to water it πŸ™‚


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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8 Responses to Nice place to visit but…

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Maybe it is a great place to visit but….

  2. Karen says:

    Look at you bringing people to God – with your driving – good work you – ha ha – too funny. I LOVE reading your posts and they are even funnier now that I actually know you! Love from your cousin

  3. just for the record, your sister is not a princess!!!!! lol. Never once complained about the heat, nor the mountain climbing in the heat, nor riding in the panda in the heat, staying in the apartment in the heat…….lol, it was all just a statement of fact!!!! It was a beautiful, eye opening experience and a wonder seeing Italy through your eyes!!!!
    Love your sis

  4. Connie says:

    OH My Goodness!!! This is such a true post…I am a Canadian who has been living in Puglia for the past 5 years and I know all about the great (insert sarcastic laugh) customer service at the Posta and IperCoop. I just cant explain it, maybe its because they are lazy or maybe they are just plain rude, dont really know. I do know, however, that living here has made me damn proud to be Canadian!!!!

  5. Brianna says:

    One thing I never tell people is how hot and sticky Ligurian summers can be! (Try Torino if you want worse.) I miss Italy to death, but wouldn’t consider moving back. I like customer service and efficiency a little too much. Haha. Love reading your posts.

    • Thanks Brianna,
      Yes…I miss customer service in a big way. I also struggle with trying to stand up for myself in these situations because of the language barrier. Very frustrating but my own fault because I should study the language more. But maybe it is better that I bite my tongue a lot anyway, haha. Otherwise I could get myself into all kinds of trouble!

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