Gimme a break already


Finally, the sweltering heat of Genoa has abated a little. I don’t hate the heat if I’m sitting on a lounge chair by the beach, but chucking around school books on a smelly, crowded bus ain’t my thing. Call me cranky, call me crabby, just don’t call me on Saturday morning and expect me to want to speak to you in Italian.

Yesterday we finally got that much anticipated rain that we’ve been waiting a month for. Only problem was that there was also a bus strike and I had three lessons spread out in the day with endless hours in between. To top things off, Coco was bouncing all over the apartment with poo stuck to her bum (poor baby overdid it on the catnip and got diarrhea). Could this day get any better? Thank God it was Friday.

I ceremoniously ended this miserable day with a treat of sushi properly washed down with Prosecco…yes, I will survive! But Coco, in her usual, spoiled rotten way, was rightly pissed off at me for abandoning her for sushi. She therefore jumped on my head at 2 am, 4 am and 7…after that I lost track. Lucky for me, it’s the weekend and I have no plans for Saturday except sleep. I was up at 8:00, ate breakfast, gave Coco her treat and then went back to bed until Mama called at 10…I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m just a lazy slacker as she scolded me in Italian for not passing on some important information to her the minute I woke up today.

My lofty weekend plans were simply to sit naked in front of a blasting fan with a good book…what the hell is everyone’s problem? Hence, my perfect plans have been foiled by a nice cool breeze off the balcony and Mama screeching at me on the phone this morning – with just cause no doubt.

I really hate mobile phones. Everyone expects you to answer them 24/7 and panic if you don’t. Where were you? Ummm, in the shower? Sleeping? On the toilet? Do you really need to know? I miss the good old days when if you weren’t at home people couldn’t reach you. Simple, peaceful, bliss. I know what you’re thinking, just turn the phone off, but that would never work, I know that then I would really be in the dog house and they would be here knocking on my apartment door!

I think this Saturday’s agenda requires a relaxing bath and afternoon nap, don’t you? Call me Miss Cranky pants if you want…but call me after my nap please 🙂



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2 Responses to Gimme a break already

  1. kay says:

    Is it only in Italy?

    Lei: “I was so worried about you, you didn’t answer your phone”. Me: “I was driving on the autostrada… I was teaching, … I left my phone behind…”

    and the next time? Lei: “I was so worried about you, you didn’t answer your phone…”

    and you are right, turning it off just makes it worse. “I came down to your house because I couldn’t get you on the phone, is your phone all right? Are you alright?” or “What have I done to offend you, you haven’t called me…” after maybe 24 hours!

    I am making studio time totally phone free… I AM WORKING! Would you phone me if I worked in a bank? And especially if I am using acrylics I WILL NOT ANSWER! Capisci? (Works for about 48 hours…)

    • Right on! I don’t answer my phone during lessons but everyone knows I finish no later than 8 and hardly everwork on weekends. I don’t know how many times the phone has woken me up…i sleep like the dead thankfully, so usually i don’t even hear it ring 🙂

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