Bidet love affair and the water park

One of the best things I love about Italy is that every household bathroom has a bidet. And since it’s summertime, I’ve discovered a whole new use for my bidet besides the usual washing of the “hoochie Mama bits”. If you wear sandals on the dirty streets of Genoa you are not going to want to go to bed before washing your feet first…hence, my discovery that the bidet is the perfect level for such a task! God I love this country! Long live the BIDET!

So, while we’re on the subject of water sports (who said the bidet can’t be sporty?), yesterday I went to the water park near Ovada. It was Wednesday and I was so happy to be surrounded by trees and very few Italians. It’s the first time I’ve ever gone somewhere that didn’t have a slew of chain-smoking Italians greased up and baking in the sun near water. How refreshing. We didn’t have to fight for space near the pool and there was plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the day.

Now, as I said, this was a water park. There were slides everywhere and lots of fun ahead. My friend and I ran to the slides to join her kids and it was a fun-filled day of “water wedgies” (translation: when the bottoms of your bikini rise up after hitting the water with such force that it gives you a wedgie). If you need further explanation clearly you were never picked on by a big brother.

For only 10€ we got a full day in with a sun bed and umbrella too. Now to clarify, this water park is not the big one ( everyone raves about, but a slightly smaller, older one. Obviously this is why it was cheaper and perhaps not as crowded but it suited me just fine. On the other hand, I had to laugh when we reached the top of the stairs of the slide to find some young lifeguard sucking on a cigarette while on duty. And, while we’re on the subject…why aren’t there any “hot” lifeguards with 6-packs and a tan? Guess I have to pay double to have that privilege….*sigh*

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