Rooftop terrace in Genoa


This past Sunday I had lunch with my husband’s family. Usually it’s me and Mama, her sister and the two uncles. I don’t know exactly how I ended up hanging out with this clandestine group but there I was Sunday sippin’ champagne on Aunty’s rooftop terrace and quite enjoying myself.

Her apartment is in an area above the city centre and this was my first time going there. The inside is no more that 25 square meters but the outside terrace is worth it. It wraps around on three sides and you can see the sea port, Porto Antico below.

She has created a garden atmosphere with lavender plants and lemon trees on the seventh floor…call it seventh heaven! There was a nice breeze and sprays of purple and white flowers everywhere you looked. I felt like I had been transported to a Better Homes & Gardens photoshoot.



I could hang out here all day! And even better, aside from the tiny water fountain trickling in the background, there was not a whisper of traffic to be heard. The only design flaw of course is that there were holes for water drainage on the walls and even though Coco is big, she would still be able to shimmy her fat ass through them and escape…to where, I’m not exactly sure, but far enough to worry me to death!


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2 Responses to Rooftop terrace in Genoa

  1. great photos Leah – I was there having lunch with you and the relatives….memories of my time in Italy.

  2. katecrimmins says:

    it looks beautiful!

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